Best Max Damage Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4

Diablo IV

The Sorcerer in Diablo 4(Diablo IV) is a class that believes “A good Offense is the best Defense.” Arguably the best class in the game, the Sorcerer brings so much to the table that sometimes it could get overwhelming.

There could be a lot of ways you can use a Sorcerer. Out of a thousand different builds you could possibly have with this class, this one would focus more on crowd control and overall damage.

Skill and Abilities Needed for this Build:

This would be a build that focuses on stunning enemies and dealing critical damage. You would be critting and stunning every enemy constantly offering a massive damage boost.

The best thing about the build is that the crits will let you stun more enemies and vice versa creating a constant loop of maximum damage and crowd control.

Not only that, the build gives you excellent survivability as well as the pleasure of spamming the Ultimate skill due to incredibly reduced cooldowns. Here are the skills that you need:

Basic Skills:

  • Arc Lash (Level 5) + Enhanced + Glinting– This will be the basic skill that you keep spamming all the time allowing you to stun enemies easily. It also gives you faster Cooldowns (with Enchantment) as you upgrade it to Glinting Arc Lash (which is what we are actually looking for). So every time you hit a stunned enemy with Arc Lash, you receive a cooldown for 0.25 secs. We are aiming at stunning entire hordes, so you can imagine how fast we can spam our skills with this build.

Core Skills:

  • Charged Bolt (Level 3) + Enhanced + Destructive– The Charged Bolt sends out 5 bolts that deal decent damage. The Enhanced version will throw out a lightning nova that deals 24% damage to enemies around if 3 of the 5 Charged Bolts hit a single enemy, a lightning nova is released that causes 24% damage to enemies around. The Destructive version reduces their damage by 20% for 3 seconds on getting hit by a bolt. This gives you better defense as you take less damage.
  • Fireball (level 1)– Once you are level 15 add the Fireball skill to your arsenal, so that you can use it as an Enchantment Skill. So when you “kill an enemy, they explode in a fireball for 50% of its damage“. This causes a chain reaction almost instantly blowing up a group of enemies. This is undoubtedly one of the most overpowered Enchantment Skills in the game.
  • Align the Elements(Level 1)– You take 1% less damage from Elite enemies for each second that you have not been damaged by one. So if you have not taken damage from an Elite enemy for 10 secs that means you take 10% less damage from that enemy.

Defensive Skills:

  • Teleport(Level 3)+ Enhanced+ Shimmering– This is your ticket to safety. Sorcerers are squishy and you need to have proper evasion to avoid dying too soon. This ability lets you move out of danger as well as granting a few extra perks with it as well. The Enhanced version reduces the cooldown while the Shimmering version reduces the damage dealt to you for 5 seconds.
  • Ice Armor (Level 3)+ Enhanced+ Shimmering– Ice Armor creates a shield around you that absorbs a percentage (30% and higher) of your base life in damage and whatever damage you deal, 5% of it is added to the barrier. The Enhanced version gives you a Mana Regeneration by 25% while the armor is active. This is extremely important as Sorcerers are not the physical type of warriors like the Barbarians. They rely more on magical power than brute strength. Shimmering gives a 15% chance for enemies to get Frozen when they touch you while the armor is on.
  • Elemental Attunement (Level 2): This allows Critical Strikes to have a 5% chance of resetting a Cooldown on any Defensive Skill. Can happen once in 10 seconds.

Conjuration Skills:

  • Hydra(Level 5)+ Enhanced+ Summoned– The Hydra is one of the coolest looking skills in the game that summons a fire-breathing Hydra with 3 heads. It damages enemies around it. The Enhanced version gives the Hydra an extra head while healthy. The next upgrade will depend on your Core Skill. If you have Charged Bolt then go for Summoned Hydra that deals more Burning Damage for 6 seconds from each head. If you have Chain Lightning, go for the Invoked Hydra. This increases the overall critical chance percentage for your build.

Mastery Skills:

  • Static Discharge(Level 1)- We grab this passive only to get to the next one.
  • Shocking Impact (Level 3)- This one gives you an additional 15% lightning damage to enemies when you stun them. Since our build is based on Stunning enemies, we deal a free 15% lightning damage on them every time we stun them.
  • Inner Flames (Level 1)– If you are healthy you deal 3% more damage through your Pyromancy Skills
  • Devouring Blaze (Level 3)– You deal 10% to 30% increased Critical Strike damage against Burning enemies. Bonus increases by 25% if enemies are immobilized. This is why we need to have the Summoned Hydra as it deals Burning Damage on enemies.

Ultimate Skills:

  • Unstable Currents + Prime- The Unstable Currents is definitely a great Ultimate to use with this build. The Prime version allows you to spam Arc Lash 25% faster as it increases the attack speed.
  • Coursing Currents (Level 3)-Hitting enemies with Shock Skills increase your Critical Strike Chance by 1%“. This increases your chance of a critical strike.
  • Electrocution (Level 1)– This will allow you to survive longer as enemies deal “5 % less damage for 5 seconds after being Critically Struck by your Shock Skills
  • Convulsions (Level 3)- This allows a lucky hit where shock skills have a 9% (on level 3)chance of stunning enemies for 3 seconds. This is where Elemental Attunement comes to play because of the lucky hit. One of your Defensive Skills will be reset and you can use it all over again.

Key Passive Skills:

  • Vyr’s Mastery: You deal more damage on enemies and they deal lesser on you. Critical hits boost the bonuses even further.

You would require 50 Skill Points to make this build. However, with Renown you can max out Fireball to level 5 or you can also learn the Lightning Spear and upgrade it to Enhanced and then Invoked. This will add to your Critical chance and Stun chance on enemies even more.

The entire build does not work independently but it works together as a system that lets you instantly take down hordes of enemies like they were nothing.

Every skill we have used complements another skill which makes this build pretty strong.


  • Arc Lash- We are using this for reducing cooldowns. You will be surprised to see how fast you can spam your Ultimate skill with the build I have shown you. That is only possible by keeping Arc Lash as one of your Enchantments. “When you use a Cooldown, enemies around you are Stunned for 0.7 seconds“. Along with Glinting Arc Lash, we get the cooldown reduction of 0.25 secs on hitting a stunned enemy. So the skills kind of work together as a team.
  • Fireball- This is just for clearing out groups of enemies by a chain reaction that blows up multiple targets.


  • Aspect of Control (Amulet)– Deals 30%-40% more damage on enemies that are Stunned, Frozen, or Immobilized
  • Aspect of the Expectant (Ring 1)– Attacking enemies with your Basic Skill will give a damage boost to the Core Skill cast by 5-10%, up to 30%.
  • Rapid Aspect (Ring 2)15-30% increased attack speed.

Skill Setup:

Starting from the right we have Arc Lash, followed by Charged Bolt, Unstable Currents, Teleport, Ice Armor, and on the extreme left we will have the Hydra.

You will be shocked to see how quickly enemies die when you use this build. Every enemy gets stunned which leads to critical strikes, followed by more stuns due to those critical strikes and the loop goes on.

The Ice Armor and Teleport skills along with the reduction of enemy damage provide you with good defense. Enemies would be stunned and taking damage most of the time so they might hardly have the hp to attack you.

We have decent Core and Ultimate Skills which are enhanced by the passives. The Basic cast with the increased attack speed is like a cheat code that lets you do easy crowd control.

Overall, this is perhaps the best build you can use with Sorcerer in Diablo 4. You can call this endgame as it really gets stronger when you max out the skills.

Remember, not to max the skills out instantly. Wait until you have some extra Skill Points that you could use before going onto the next set of skill trees.

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That is all you need to know about the best Sorcerer Build for Diablo 4. I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below.

Enjoy the game and become the strongest Sorcerer out there. Keep an eye on Gamer Haul for more guides and updates related to Diablo 4 and other games that you love.

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