Does Enshrouded Have Crossplay?


Screenshot of three Enshrouded players chopping trees. with Steam, Xbox and PS5 logos on top of their characters,

The highly anticipated release of Keen Games’ co-op survival action RPG, Enshrouded, is just around the corner, and the excitement among the gaming community is palpable. As we gear up for its Early Access launch on January 24th, there’s a burning question on many minds: Will Enshrouded support crossplay? Let’s dive into the details!

Does Enshrouded Support Cross-Platform Play?

Screenshot of four players engaged in combat with a dragon-like creature in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded is set to make its debut exclusively on Steam during its Early Access phase. So, if you’re curious about crossplay across different platforms, the straightforward answer is no. The game won’t be available on other platforms initially, limiting the crossplay option.

However, there’s good news for console players. The developers have confirmed plans to release the full version of Enshrouded on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S. This expansion to other platforms will happen after the Early Access phase, allowing the developers to refine the game based on community feedback and bring it to a more polished state before the full release.

So, while cross-play won’t be part of the initial launch, it’s a possibility down the road when Enshrouded arrives on Sony’s and Microsoft’s gaming consoles. Until then, if you want to team up with friends, you’ll have to convince them to get the game on Steam for the Early Access experience!

Enshrouded’s Steam Early Access kicks off on January 24, 2024.

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