MW3: Best Incendiary Riveter Loadout & Class Setup

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Fire Riveter Build MW3 – The Riveter, commonly known as the ‘M4 Shotgun’ due to its striking resemblance to the AR, is a full-auto shotgun in Modern Warfare 3 that can turn close-range encounters into a fiery spectacle. If you’ve spent even a few hours in MW3 Multiplayer, chances are you’ve faced this incredibly fast-firing shotgun that turns your screen into an inferno.

In this guide, we’ll be delving into the “FIRE RIVETER” build, optimizing the potential of its .410 Gauge Incendiary rounds to set your enemies ablaze in MW3!

Best Fire Riveter Loadout in Modern Warfare 3

Best Incendiary Rounds Riveter Shotgun Loadout in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The best thing about this build is that it applies a ticking burning effect to any enemy you shoot. Even if you’re taken out, you might guarantee an afterlife kill if you’ve weakened your opponent enough. However, note that if the enemy has equipped EOD Padding in one of their gear slots, they’ll take reduced burn damage.

That said, this fiery hot Riveter loadout aims to not only make your rounds set enemies on fire but also to increase the overall accuracy and range of the shotgun while making it handle better and more mobile.

Here are the best attachments to achieve a perfect balance between all the essential stats, turning the Riveter into the ultimate killing machine in close-range maps:

Attachment ChoiceReason
BarrelSA Draven-20 Long BarrelIncreases effective range and bullet velocity for consistent damage at a distance.
UnderbarrelBruen Bastion Angled GripTightens hipfire and tac stance spread by a flat 20%, ensuring greater accuracy.
LaserVerdant Hook Box LaserImproves hipfire/tac stance spread and enhances CQC accuracy during sliding. Also enhances sprint-to-fire speed.
Ammunition.410 Gauge IncendiaryThe core of our build: applies burn damage to targets hit.
StockDemo D50 Buffer TubeSignificantly boosts overall mobility and handling. A must-have for our run-and-gun shotgunner playstyle!

Best Riveter Class Setup in Modern Warfare 3

Best Class Setup, i.e., gear and equipment to use with the Riveter Auto Shotgun in COD: MW3

Pair your fiery loadout with the perfect class setup for maximum chaos:

SecondaryRiot ShieldMy tried and true go-to for any CQC build. Equip it and watch your survivability skyrocket in every map
VestGunner VestAllows you to run the Riot Shield as your secondary and increases the reload speed of the Riveter.
TacticalSmoke GrenadeEffective in creating space or escaping tight situations. Use it strategically to close gaps between you and your targets!
LethalFrag Grenade or SemtexSimple and deadly. Make sure to cook those frags before tossing them!
Field UpgradeSmoke AirdropForms a smokescreen at your chosen location, forcing opponents to engage in close quarters.
GlovesQuick-Grip GlovesEnables quick swapping to your secondary weapon when required.
GearGhost T/V CamoStay off enemy radars and sensors while on the move, allowing you to maintain the element of surprise.

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