How to Get to the Hot Chamber Chest in Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart Hot Chamber Secret Chest Marked in Blue

In Atomic Heart, you’ll spend as much time fighting machines and mutants as you will looking for loot and crafting materials. After completing the Boiler Room puzzle (in the ‘Into the Fire’ Quest) and cooling down the three overheated boilers, the game will lead you into the Hot Workshop, which is no longer that Hot. You can finally retrieve the heat-resistant canister from this room, but a lonely chest on the far opposite side of the entrance seems out of reach. Here’s how you reach it!

picture of hot workshop chest in atomic heart

Atomic Heart: How to Reach the Loot Chest in the Hot Chamber Room

This is not the last time the game will force you to roam around a room looking for a path to your target while the solution is just in front of you! Here’s how to get to the chest in the Hot Chamber chamber, step by step:

  • Climb on top of the robot forklift, wait, and jump off onto the hanging platform.
  • Use the stack of green boxes on the corner to climb onto the second platform.
  • Make your way to the next platform, which has a red metal beam suspended over it.
  • You can traverse along this detached beam by mantling onto it. Use it to bridge the gap between you and the platform containing the treasure!
  • As you reach the end of the beam and can no longer advance along it, turn your camera to face the chest’s platform; press the jump button and quickly press the dodge button to dash in the air and onto the platform.
  • Open the chest and get your well-earned loot!

Here are a few screenshots that I took to help you find your way to the chest:

  • A Robot Forklift in the Hot workshop in Atomic Heart
  • screenshot of green boxes stacked on top of each other in atomic heart
  • picture of a suspended metal beam in the atomic heart hot workshop
  • climbing the hot workshop metal beam by mantling on it
  • jumping off the metal beam in the hot workshop towards the hidden chest
  • picture of hot workshop chest in atomic heart

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Atomic Heart is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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