Palworld: How to Reach Fenglope Cave


Fenglope, a Neutral element Alpha Pal in Palworld, stands out as one of the fastest ground mounts you can saddle up in the early game. However, unlike other easily locatable world bosses, finding Fenglope takes a different approach.

So, if you’ve been scratching your head, wondering where exactly the boss is on the Palworld map, I’ve got your back. Here’s your guide on how to reach the cave where Fenglope awaits!

How to Get to Fenglope Boss Location in Palworld

Fenglope doesn’t hang out on the ground level like most other Palworld bosses. Instead, it resides inside an underground cave. Look for the entrance to the Falls Mineshaft (-249, -434) just north of the boss’s marked location on your map – it’s cleverly hidden behind an active waterfall. But before you venture in, equip a hand torch – it can get pretty dark, especially at night!

Now, while Fenglope does start as a Neutral-type, leveling it up unlocks Water and Ice attacks, perfectly complementing its aqua/icy appearance. You can snag its saddle as early as level 26, so waste no time – saddle up and take it for a spin as soon as possible! You might just find it becoming a regular member of your pal party, just like it did for me!

In terms of sprinting speed, Fenglope matches up with Direhowl, but its unique ability to do the highest double jumps in the game sets it apart, especially in the early game. Moreover, Fenglope is one of the few pals in the game whose mounted speed (up to +20% at max rank) can be enhanced by increasing its ranking through the Essence Condenser.

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And there you have it—all you need to know about Fenglope and how to reach the secret cave of its Alpha version in Palworld! Keep following Gamer Haul for all things Palworld!

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