Starfield: Should You Blame Yourself, Breyson Bayu, or Estelle Vincent for the Virus in Absolute Power?


Best dialogue choice with benjamin bayu in starfield absolute power mission

In the “Absolute Power” mission of Starfield, your character encounters an unexpected obstacle in the form of Benjamin Bayu, the CEO of the very company you were attempting to steal from! To make matters worse, Benjamin seems to have uncovered your plan to sneak into Generdyne’s system and upload Estelle’s Virus before making a slick escape.

Now, you must make a crucial decision: Do you take responsibility for the virus and falsely claim it was your creation? Or do you blame Benjamin’s brother, Breyson Bayu, or even come clean and expose Estelle Vincent as the mastermind behind the virus? Each choice comes with its own set of consequences:

What Happens if You Blame Yourself for the Virus in Starfield?

Benjamin Bayu Dialogue Options Starfield Absolute Power

The first option is to shoulder all the blame yourself and lie, saying that it was your plan and that you were the one who created the virus:

  • Benjamin surprisingly buys into your deception and believes your confession.
  • He informs you that Neon authorities will soon discover your fingerprints on a deceased person’s body somewhere in the city.
  • A substantial bounty will be placed on your character, and you’ll have to leave the city.

Dealing with this bounty is a challenge you’ll have to face outside of the mission. It’s a wise move to equip yourself with gear that can help fend off regular Bounty Hunters!

What Happens if You Blame Breyson Bayu for the Virus in Starfield?

Benjamin Bayu's Brother, Breyson Bayu in Starfield Absolute Power mission

If you choose to shift the blame to Benjamin’s brother, Breyson Bayu:

  • Benjamin is taken aback but still falls for your fabricated story. He admits he always considered Breyson a coward but never expected such a scheme from him.
  • Benjamin promises to handle his brother swiftly, which allows you to exit the city without any further trouble.

Considering your affiliation with the Crimson Fleet, this might be the most favorable outcome for your character. You can walk away unscathed, and Estelle’s involvement is never brought into the conversation.

What Happens if You Blame Estelle Vincent for the Virus in Starfield?

Estelle Vincent NPC in Starfield Absolute Power Mission

If you choose honesty and reveal that Estelle Vincent is the true mastermind behind the virus, Benjamin is surprised that you’re willing to expose a member of the Crimson Fleet.

Nevertheless, he vows to deal with her promptly, saying that she won’t be joining us for the rest of her life—likely suggesting a fatal outcome. You’re free to leave, and you can return to The Key after this conversation.

Who Is the Best Person to Blame for the Virus in Starfield?

If I had to choose, I’d opt for accepting the blame for the virus and taking full responsibility. My character is capable of handling the bounty hunters who might come after her – and this way, I retain more control over the situation compared to blaming Breyson or Estelle.

While both Breyson and Estelle are less desirable choices, if your primary goal is to shield the Crimson Fleet from suspicion, blaming Breyson remains a valid option.

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That is everything we have for you on whether to blame yourself, Breyson Bayu, or Estelle Vincent for the virus in Starfield’s “Absolute Power” mission!

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