Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Leg Armor and Their Stats

Dragon's Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2 (DD2), the Leg Armor is a crucial piece of gear that offers defense and various resistances to the wearer. Throughout your adventure, you’ll come across a wide range of leg armor — in the form of boots, greaves, cuisses, kilts, and pants — each with a unique design and stat bonuses that directly impact your character’s performance in combat. Remember that while some armor pieces are universal and can be equipped by any vocation, many are specific to certain vocations.

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List of All Leg Armor in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here’s an exhaustive list of all sixty-eight Leg Armor pieces available in DD2, arranged in the order of their total Defense (sum of Defense and Magick Defense) value:

NameDefenseMagick DefenseTotal Defense
Strider’s Greaves10299201
Runic Gaiters90110200
Scholar’s Breeches92106198
Cliff Leapers11581196
Eagle-Eye Cuisses12075195
Assassin’s Breeches12070190
Evergreen Greaves9494188
Executioner’s Greaves12655181
Mettlesome Cuisses12950179
Vanguarder’s Greaves13145176
Crimson Hosen9970169
Arena Breeches10363166
Conqueror’s Sabatons12144165
Epiphanic Waistguard6897165
Mercenary Hosen9570165
Rapturous Raffia Skirt7292164
Braided Boots8575160
Jewel-Woven Sandals7088158
Vigilant Greaves11642158
Diabolic Cuisses10839147
Neophyte’s Hosen6580145
Practitioner’s Hosen6679145
Brutal Cuisses10638144
Sabatons of Judgment9249141
Dapper Chausses8355138
Venator’s Leggings8053133
Spellweaver’s Waistcloth6070130
Ascetic Gaiters5570125
Monkish Gaiters5570125
Rathe Greaves8830118
Blessed Waistcloth5560115
Dauntless Greaves8028108
Nightfall Greaves7034104
Raptor Claws7426100
Beast-Leather Breeches682593
Euphoric Hosen405393
Darkmetal Greaves642892
Wildland Greaves722092
Scarlet Over-Knee Boots454085
Over-Knee Boots523082
Stylish Boots453580
Ranger’s Tights453075
Guardian Leg Plates521870
Hillfolk Breeches502070
Apprentice’s Breeches224163
Lionel Hosen471562
Sprinter’s Boots421860
Thief’s Gaiters501060
Bush Raiders50959
Journeyer’s Sirwal382058
Savant’s Boots243256
Furred Greaves262248
Bandit Greaves40545
Miner’s Hosen242044
Patroller Knee Guards321244
Combat Breeches241741
Peddler’s Boots161935
Forest Greaves171734
Napped-Leather Boots131528
Traveler’s Gaiters20828
Courtly Breeches71320
Pilgrim’s Tights5914
Woodland Boots8513
Worker’s Greaves9413
Explorer’s Boots538
Marcher’s Cuisses426
Laborer’s Trousers314

Did we cover everything? If there are any head armor pieces or defense stats that we missed, or if you have any additional tips to share, do let us know in the comments below!

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