How to Farm Tantalum in Starfield

Tantalum Metal Resource in Starfield

Best Tantalum Farm Starfield – In the universe of Starfield, the sheer abundance of resources can be overwhelming, each serving various purposes and required for a multitude of activities. Tantalum is one of the rarer resources, and it holds a special place for those aspiring to be the ultimate silent assassins of the cosmos. Why, … Read more

How to Farm Copper in Starfield

Best Copper Farm Starfield – Copper, often underestimated as a common resource in Starfield, can be surprisingly elusive when you need it the most. This essential metal plays a crucial role in various aspects of the game, from research projects to crafting weapon and armor mods and even constructing numerous outpost structures. Maintaining a substantial … Read more

How to Hide Contraband in Starfield

Contraband Scan Evaded Message in Starfield

Contraband Guide Starfield – In Starfield, Contraband items are those marked with a yellow symbol in your inventory, indicating that you’ve acquired or possess them illegally. Selling these items to regular vendors is not an option, and carrying them on your person or ship can lead to trouble, potentially resulting in a trip to space … Read more

What Does Telemetry Mean in Payday 3?

Telemetry Prompt to Opt in or Out in Payday 3

Payday 3 Telemetry Meaning – When you dive into Payday 3 for the first time, you’ll encounter a prompt about Telemetry. This feature asks whether you want to enable it, but it doesn’t offer much explanation about its role in your bank-robbing adventures. Fear not; we’re here to shed light on what Telemetry means in … Read more

How to Farm Caelumite in Starfield

Best Ways to Farm Caelumite - A Rare Resource in Starfield

Caelumite Farm Starfield – Caelumite is a rare and unique resource essential for crafting high-end gear in Starfield. While you may encounter a small amount of Caelumite when you first touch the Artifact at the beginning of the story, it won’t be sufficient for crafting and upgrading items that require this mysterious mineral resource. In … Read more

How to Farm Tungsten in Starfield

Mining Tungsten in Starfield Screenshot

In the expansive universe of Starfield, resources are plentiful, each serving a unique purpose in your gameplay. Tungsten is a crucial resource required for various tasks, including crafting weapon and armor mods. However, it can be challenging to find if you don’t know where to start! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best … Read more

How to Farm Helium-3 in Starfield

Helium 3 Gas Resource Indicator in Starfield

Best Helium Farm Starfield – In the vast universe of Starfield, resources like Helium-3 are vital for research, crafting, gear upgrades, and powering your outposts. Helium-3 not only supports these essential functions but also acts as a fuel source for Fueled Generators and Cargo Links. However, securing a steady supply of this toxic yet versatile … Read more

How to Farm Lead in Starfield

Best Ways to Farm Lead in Starfield

Best Lead Farm Starfield – Lead is one of the vital resources in Starfield, essential for a wide range of activities, from research projects to crafting weapon and armor mods and even base-building. While it’s abundantly available in this universe, farming it in bulk can be quite a chore if you’re not familiar with the … Read more