Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Fix Rodge Disappearing Bug in ‘Prey for the Pack’

Dragon's Dogma 2

It’s natural to get caught up in side quests while exploring the vast world of Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, occasionally, these side quests may present unexpected challenges, such as bugs that render the quest outright unprogressable. One such bug occurs during the last stage of the ‘Prey for the Pack’ quest, where you must escort Rodge back to town after rescuing him from the wolves.

Here’s what to do if Rodge disappears without a trace during the quest!

DD2: What to Do if Rodge Disappears While Following You?

Many players have reported encountering a bug where Rodge gets stuck in rocks or loses his way due to inaccurate pathing, ultimately disappearing without a trace while you escort him back to town.

While I personally haven’t faced this bug yet, a potential fix is to backtrack to the cave where you initially found the young boy. Some players have reported that Rodge respawns back at his original position after mysteriously vanishing on the journey back to town.

If Rodge isn’t at the cave either, you may need to wait for the developers to release a fix. Bugs like this are often addressed in future game updates, so keep an eye out for any patches that may resolve the issue.

However, if you’ve encountered this bug and found another workaround, please share it in the comments below to help other fellow adventurers facing the same issue!

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