Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Rings and Their Effects

Dragon's Dogma 2

Rings are a special accessory type in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that can be equipped by any Vocation, providing unique effects to the wearer. Unlike armor pieces that provide a set value of defense or resistance, Rings offer bonuses such as increased health or stamina, immunity to specific debilitations, and even expanded carrying capacity. In this guide, we’ll explore all the Rings currently available in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and their respective perks!

List of All Rings in Dragon’s Dogma 2

A screenshot of the player's Inventory consisting of different Rings accessories in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Below is an exhaustive list of rings found in DD2, along with their corresponding perks:

# Ring Name Effect
1 Ring of Exultation Increases Maximum Health by 100
2 Ring of Acclamation Increases Maximum Health by 200
3 Ring of Tenacity Increases Maximum Stamina by 90
4 Ring of Momentum Increases Maximum Stamina by 150
5 Ring of Quickening Increases Stamina Recovery Speed by 10
6 Ring of Triumph Increases Max Health by 100, Stamina by 100, and carry weight by 5

Offensive Rings

# Ring Name Effect
1 Ring of Aggression Increases Strength by 30
2 Ring of Percipience Increases Magick by 30
3 Ring of Predominance Boosts Strength by 10 when health is full
4 Ring of Brawn Greater boost to Strength with less weight carried
5 Ring of Skullduggery Increases damage dealt when attacking from behind
6 Ring of Recompense Boosts Strength by 25 when Health is low
7 Ring of Requital Temporarily boosts Strength after successful Deflect
8 Ring of Proximity Boosts Strength of bow attacks based on proximity
9 Ring of Vehemence Attacks have double chance to stagger and knock down foes

Defensive Rings

# Ring Name Effect
1 Ring of Assurance Slightly boosts Defense and Magick Defense by 10
2 Ring of Resiliency Boosts Defense by 50
3 Ring of Conservation Boosts Magick Defense by 50
4 Ring of Deflection Reduces damage taken from slash attacks by 15
5 Ring of Indifference Reduces damage taken from strike attacks by 15
6 Ring of Cooling Reduces damage taken from fire attacks by 25
7 Ring of Tepidity Reduces damage taken from ice attacks by 25
8 Ring of Gallantry Takes more damage from ranged attacks from behind but less from the front
9 Ring of Resolution Reduces chance to be knocked down or staggered by 100
10 Ring of Reassurance Temporarily boosts pawn’s Defense after helping them up

Immunity to Debilitation Effects

# Ring Name Effect
1 Ring of Purification Prevents accumulation of blighted value
2 Ring of Awareness Reduces accumulation of sleep value by 40
3 Ring of Insomnolence Completely prevents accumulation of sleep value
4 Ring of Loquacity Prevents accumulation of silence value
5 Ring of Quenching Prevents accumulation of caught fire value
6 Ring of Thawing Prevents accumulation of ice-bound value
7 Ring of Desiccation Prevents accumulation of drenched value
8 Ring of Repellency Prevents accumulation of tarred value
9 Ring of Pliancy Reduces accumulation of petrification value by 40
10 Ring of Motility Completely prevents accumulation of petrification value
11 Ring of Disfavor Increases likelihood of being targeted by foes by 1
12 Ring of Derision Weakens all of the wearer’s attacks to the fullest extent possible

Weight Capacity Increase

# Ring Name Effect
1 Ring of Accrual Increases maximum weight capacity by 5
2 Ring of Profusion Increases maximum weight capacity by 10

Other Rings

# Ring Name Effect
1 Eternal Bond Boosts favor by 10
2 Ring of Ambition Boosts experience gained by defeating foes by 50
3 Ring of Endeavor Increases discipline gained from defeated enemies by 50
4 Ring of Amplification Increases healing received from Curatives by 10
5 Ring of Regeneration Recovers 50 HP upon defeating a foe
6 Ring of Benevolence Regains 25 HP over 3 seconds after significant hit to health
7 Ring of Articulacy Reduces time taken to incant spells by 15%
8 Ring of Recitation Reduces time taken to incant spells by 25%, but reduces Max Health by 20

Did we miss anything? If there are any rings or effects that we overlooked, or if you have any additional tips to share, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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