Modern Warfare 3: Best DM56 Loadout & Class Setup

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DM56 Build MW3 – Marksman Rifles are easily one of the most overlooked weapon classes in Call of Duty. While this is mostly due to the fact that they are perceived as guns that are harder to master than, say, ARs or SMGs, it is also true that these DMRs feature some of the lowest time-to-kill values in Modern Warfare 3.

If you have a good trigger finger and know how to keep your distance from your targets, you should start leveling up the DM56 ASAP! It is one of the easier-to-use DMRs in the game, and its 2/3-shot potential at all ranges may surprise you.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best DM56 loadout and class setup in Modern Warfare 3 to get the most out of this hard-hitting Marksman Rifle!

Best DM56 Loadout in MW3

Best DM56 Attachments Setup for Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

The DM56, part of the Holger family, combines a high fire rate with manageable recoil, making it a standout Marksman Rifle. Even at level one, it packs a punch and quickly turned me into a fan!

Here’s the optimal loadout to unleash the full potential of the DM56 in Modern Warfare 3’s high-octane Multiplayer:

  Attachment Choice Reason
Muzzle Shadowstrike Suppressor Makes your shots undetectable by enemy radar without any downsides.
Underbarrel DR-6 Handstop Enhances mobility, handling, and overall responsiveness of our marksman rifle, allowing faster movement, strafing, and ADS speed.
Optic Mk.3 Reflector / Slate Reflector Two of the cleanest optics in MW3. You can also go for a magnification sight too.
Magazine 40 Round Mag For comfortable spraying and praying from range without frequent reloads.
Stock Holger Recoil Pad Makes the recoil even more predictable and reduces the gun’s kick.

Best DM56 Class Setup in MW3

Best Class Setup, i.e., gear and equipment to equip with the DM56 Marksman Rifle in COD: MW3

Finally, here’s the ideal class setup that perfectly complements our DM56 DMR loadout:

Equipment Choice Reason
Secondary Renetti / WSP Stinger Two reliable backup options.
Vest Infantry Vest Increases mobility, making the DM56 feel lighter by improving Tac Spring duration and reducing refresh time.
Tactical Stun / Flash Grenade Useful for clearing corners and engaging enemies in close to medium range.
Lethal Semtex / Breacher Drone Most effective for gaining entry into a position and dealing with campers.
Field Equipment Munitions Box Ensures a steady supply of ammunition and grenades for you and your team.
Gloves Commando Gloves Enables reloading while sprinting.
Boots Lightweight Boots Increases movement speed for enhanced mobility with the DMR.
Gear Ghost T/V Camo Conceals you from enemy UAVs, radar sources, and heartbeat sensors while moving.

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