Modern Warfare 3: Best MTZ-762 Battle Rifle Loadout & Class Setup

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Best MTZ 762 Loadout Guide in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

MTZ BR Loadout MW3 – With guns like the Striker SMG nerfed ahead of the full launch, the Battle Rifle weapon class is already emerging as a strong contender in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The MTZ-762, alongside the BAS-B, is at the forefront of this BR meta.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best MTZ 762 loadout and class setup, helping you unleash havoc on the battlefield!

Best MTZ-762 Loadout in Modern Warfare 3

An example MTZ 762 loadout that improves the hard-hitting MW3 Battle Rifle's mobility and handling while optimizing the recoil.

Battle Rifles pack a punch in damage and range but struggle with mobility and handling, coupled with high recoil. This loadout aims to optimize the MTZ-762 for MW3’s fast-paced gameplay, improving readiness post-sprint and overall handling while mitigating recoil.

Here are my recommendations for the best attachments for your MTZ Battle Rifle in COD MW3:

MuzzleVT-7 Spiritfire SuppressorKeeps you off the enemy radar while shooting.
UnderbarrelXRK Edge BW-4 HandstopEnhances mobility and handling, providing faster ADS and strafing speed.
OpticSlate ReflectorA clean and precise optic for improved aiming.
Rear GripMTZ Aggressor GripBoosts aim walking (strafing) and movement speed.
StockBruen Archangel MK2Improves recoil and gun kick control, while also further increasing our movement and sprinting speed with the gun.

Best MTZ-762 Class Setup in MW3

The Renetti handgun, a great choice for a secondary weapon for the MTZ 762 BR in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

This class setup complements the MTZ-762 loadout for optimal performance:

SecondaryRenettiA reliable backup weapon that becomes even more potent with its aftermarket part. Highly recommend leveling up!
VestEngineer VestMainly because it lets you carry an extra Gear into the match.
TacticalBattle RageEnables quicker health regeneration and constant Tactical Sprint refreshes when activated. Helps tremendously in escaping sticky situations!
Field EquipmentA.C.S.Deploy it on capturable objectives like hardpoint zones and control points to capture them without entering the zone yourself.
GlovesScavenger GlovesEnsures you’re always stocked on ammunition without needing to rely on a Munitions Box.
BootsLightweight BootsIncreases movement speed – plain, simple, and ever-effective!
GearEOD PaddingPersonal preference – EOD Padding lets you shrug off damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.
GearBone Conduction HeadsetReduces combat noise and enhances your ability to detect enemy footsteps and gunshots, providing a game-changing advantage.

With this MTZ-762 loadout and class setup, you’ll be primed to dominate in Modern Warfare 3, securing those killstreaks with finesse. Good luck, soldier!

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