Modern Warfare 3: Best Striker Loadout & Class Setup

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Striker SMG Gun Model in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Striker Build MW3 – The Striker SMG, aka the UMP-45 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is a compact powerhouse that continues to shine even after some mid-range nerfs. If you’re a fan of the “run and gun” approach and prefer close-quarters combat, the Striker is a fantastic choice that can outshine even the best Assault Rifles in MW3. To help you dominate with this playstyle, here’s the best Striker SMG Loadout and Class Setup to run alongside in COD: MW3!

Best Striker Loadout in Modern Warfare 3

Best Striker SMG Loadout in COD: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

In this loadout, our main focus is on mobility and handling, while we work to minimize the SMG’s horizontal recoil. Here are my recommendations for the best attachments to boost your Striker’s performance in MW3:

Attachment ChoiceReason
Muzzle:Purifier Muzzle BrakeFor better horizontal recoil control and overall stability while firing.
Barrel:Striker Recon Long BarrelTo make the SMG a bit more versatile in those occasional medium to long-range duels. Also helps with the gun kick and firing aim stability.
Underbarrel:Chewk Angled GripFurther reduces horizontal recoil, making the recoil even more predictable.
Rear Grip:TacgripIncreases sprint-to-fire speed, making your weapon ready for action more quickly. Ideal for an aggressive playstyle.
Stock: No StockEnhances mobility and essentially makes your SMG faster and more responsive, perfect for close-quarters combat.

Note: Running these five attachments means you’ll have to rely on the gun’s iron sights since there’s no room for an optic. This shouldn’t be an issue once you get used to it, as the Striker’s iron sights are quite practical, and magnification isn’t crucial for this SMG.

Best Striker Class Setup in Modern Warfare 3

Best Class Setup For Striker SMG in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Here’s the ideal class setup to maximize your effectiveness with the Striker in MW3:

Secondary:RenettiA reliable secondary weapon for backup.
Vest:EngineerRemoves lethal equipment as a fair trade for having two gear slots and two tactical equipment of your choice. Additionally, it allows you to spot enemy equipment through walls.
Tactical:Battle RageProvides a momentary edge over your opponents in combat. Ideal for close-quarters engagements.
Field Equipment:ACSDeploy it on capturable objectives like hardpoint zones to capture them without being in the zone.
Gloves:Commando GlovesAllows you to reload while sprinting, maintaining your agility during fast-paced gameplay.
Boots:Lightweight BootsIncreases movement speed – the stat of choice in our build.
Gear #1:Bone Conduction HeadsetHelps you identify enemy footsteps and gunshots, providing a game-changing advantage.
Gear #2:EOD PaddingReduces damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. This is especially important since you’ll be constantly on the move, and you might encounter explosive threats without warning.

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