Best Sword Rolls for Rogue in Diablo 4

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Best Rogue Sword Rolls D4  In Diablo 4, the affixes on your weapons, armor, and jewelry are vital for enhancing your character’s strength on the battlefield. Whether you’re seeking more DPS, improved survivability, or enhanced mobility, the right affixes make a significant difference.

However, with over thirty unique affixes that can roll on a Sword, it might seem daunting to determine the best options. Fear not! In this article, we’ll narrow down the choices and highlight the top affixes you should prioritize for your Rogue’s Swords in Diablo 4!

Best Sword Affixes for Rogue in D4

The Rogue Class Image in Diablo 4 (D4)

As a Rogue in Diablo 4, the One-Handed Sword is one of the two types of weapons you can equip in one or both of your Dual-Wield Weapons slots. It comes with a fixed inherent affix of +X% Critical Strike Damage and can roll up to four more (random) affixes, which determine the weapon’s real value in your build! If you want to maximize your damage potential in the demanding endgame, here are the top four affixes to look for on your Rogue’s Swords in D4:

1 | Critical Strike Damage

Critical Strike Damage is a significant stat in games like Diablo 4, determining how much extra damage your Critical Hits deal to enemies. As a Rogue, your Sword is one of the gear pieces that can have the +X% Critical Strike Damage affix. If your build relies on landing critical hits for higher damage, it’s highly recommended to prioritize finding a Sword with this affix to maximize your damage output!

Critical Strike Damage Diablo 4 Offensive Stat

2 | Vulnerable Damage

+X% Vulnerable Damage is a highly valuable affix that synergizes with the Vulnerable debuff, a powerful status effect that can be applied to enemies through Skills, Passives, and the Exploit glyph. The Vulnerable Damage Bonus stat determines how much extra damage Vulnerable enemies take from your attacks. Integrating Vulnerability into your endgame Rogue build is highly recommended, but even if you’re not personally applying the debuff, it’s likely that someone in your party will, making this affix still impactful for your damage output.

Vulnerable Damage Sword Roll for Rogue in Diablo 4 (D4)

3 | Dexterity

In Diablo 4, Dexterity is the Rogue’s primary stat, and it plays a vital role in boosting your Skill Damage. With each point of Dexterity, your skills gain a direct 0.1% increase in damage. So, if you’re aiming to optimize your build in the game’s endgame, focusing on Dexterity is a straightforward and effective way to boost your offensive power. Keep an eye out for Swords with the +X Dexterity affix to further empower your Rogue and take on the challenges ahead!

Diablo 4 Dexterity Stat for Rogue

4 | Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills / All Stats / Core Skill Damage

For the fourth affix, you’ve got three fantastic options to consider for your Rogue’s Sword:

  • Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills: If your build revolves around the Rogue’s unique Poison, Shadow, or Cold Imbuement abilities, then the +X% Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills affix is a must-have. With this affix, your imbued skills will deal even more damage when they land a critical strike.
  • Core Skill Damage: Keep it simple yet effective with the +X% Core Skill damage. This affix directly enhances the damage output of your Core Skills, such as Twisting Blades, Penetrating Shot, Rapid Fire, and more. Since every Rogue build centers around a Core Skill, investing in this affix is always a solid idea.
  • All Stats: If you want a well-rounded enhancement for your Rogue’s overall capabilities, go for the +X All Stats affix. This option strikes a balance between all the vital Core Stats and also helps in achieving higher bonuses from your Paragon Board Glyphs!
Rogue Core Skill Damage Sword Roll in Diablo 4 (D4)

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By prioritizing these must-have affixes on your Sword, you can optimize your Rogue’s build and maximize your DPS output in Diablo IV!

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