Draconic Tears Location & Use in Honkai Star Rail

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Draconic Tears item in Honkai Star Rail

Are you looking for some free rewards in Honkai Star Rail? Then you must find the secret item, Draconic Tears. To obtain it, you must – in classic gacha/ARPG fashion – visit a few places and talk to a few people. In this Gamer Haul guide, we’ll show you how to get your hands on this valuable item and exchange it for precious rewards like Stellar Jades!

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How (& Where) to Get Draconic Tears in Honkai Star Rail

  • Jeweler's Pagoda Location marked in Honkai Star Rail map
  • Pawnbroker Handian NPC Location Honkai Star Rail
  • Frowning Young Man NPC Location Honkai Star Rail
  • Sad Woman NPC Location Honkai Star Rail

To get Draconic Tears:

  1. First, head over to the Jeweler’s Pagoda in Xianzhou Luofu’s Central Starskiff Haven and investigate the shiny item on the counter. 
  2. Handian, the pawnbroker, will scold you for touching the item, but continue talking to him, and he’ll give you a Dirty Mechanical Part
  3. Take this Dirty Mechanical Part to the Frowning Young Man, an NPC in white and green robes, to exchange it for an Old Tin Box.
  4. Next, teleport to the Court of Tranquility in the Exalting Sanctum area and head to the Spare Time Book Shop
  5. Finally, hand over the Old Tin Box to the Sad Woman NPC, and you’ll receive your Bottle Of Draconic Tears.

How to Use/Sell Draconic Tears in Honkai Star Rail

Location of the NPC, Howard, who gives the player rewards in exchange for their Draconic Tears in Honkai Star Rail

To use Draconic Tears:

  1. Head over to Starwatcher Avenue in the Central Starskiff Haven region.
  2. Look for an NPC named Howard, the IPC Specialist, in a nearby open cafe.
  3. Talk to him, and he’ll give you 10 Stellar Jades, 10 Strales, and 5000 Credits for your Draconic Tears, which you can use to get new characters and purchase items.

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So, that’s how you can find and use Draconic Tears to get free rewards in Honkai Star Rail. Also, don’t forget to follow our farming guide and get your hands on some valuable Stellar Jades!

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