Florida Joker Targets Rockstar Again: Now Demands $5 Million Over GTA 6 Parody


Two pictures comparing the real life Florida Joker Man and Rockstar's parody in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer.

Lawrence Sullivan, better known as the “Florida Joker Man,” has escalated his crusade against Rockstar Games by issuing a “final warning” and demanding a hefty $5 million in compensation. This move comes in response to his perceived likeness with a character featured in the recently released Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer.

Since the highly anticipated GTA 6 trailer dropped, the Florida Joker seized the opportunity to make a name for himself on TikTok. His channel, “lawrence.sullivan0,” now boasts fourteen videos, all focused on targeting Rockstar for what he claims is the unauthorized use of his appearance in the game.

Screenshot of the Florida Joker lookalike character from the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer.
The “Florida Joker” lookalike featured in the GTA 6 trailer

What initially began as Sullivan accusing Rockstar of “stealing his likeness” has evolved into a demand for millions in payment to settle the dispute. Despite multiple videos and messages directed at the developers, there has been no response from Rockstar, prompting Sullivan to issue his “final warning.”

In his latest (14th) video, a 53-second clip, the Florida Joker Man emerges from behind foliage, repeating his familiar phrase, “GTA, we gotta talk.” Sullivan states that he has consulted with his lawyers, sent a letter to Rockstar, and is awaiting a response. He also sets a deadline: “If we don’t get a response by after my birthday, which is January 11, we’re going to take legal actions.”

“I want 5 million dollars now; I’m getting harassed everywhere I go, the airport, the streets, ‘you’re that GTA Joker,’ ‘you’re that GTA Joker,'” Sullivan claims in the video, concluding by instructing Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two, to “get me my money.”

While it remains uncertain whether Rockstar and Sullivan have engaged in private discussions, the gaming giant is yet to make a public statement addressing the ongoing dispute. Additionally, the lingering question remains: what role will the Florida Joker lookalike play in GTA 6 beyond being featured in the trailer’s montage?

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