How to Combine Items in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, mastering the art of item combination opens up new possibilities beyond traditional crafting and alchemy. Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon different fragments of weapons and equipment that, on their own, seem unusable. However, the magic happens when you merge them into a complete, perfectly functional item.

In this brief guide, let’s delve into the process of combining or merging items in BG3!

Combining Items & Equipment in BG3

To combine items:

  1. Open Inventory: Press the ‘I’ key to access the character’s inventory, where the items to be combined are located.
  2. Right-Click: Right-click on the first material and check if the ‘Combine’ option is available.
    • If an item is combinable, the option will appear at the very top of the list. Not every item can be combined.
  3. Select Second Material: Click on the empty box and choose the second material you want to infuse with the first one.
  4. Click ‘Combine’: Finally, click the ‘Combine’ button.

The beauty of combining equipment in Baldur’s Gate 3 is that you don’t need access to a forge or furnace, and there’s no need to learn recipes as you do for crafting items. This can be done seamlessly from your inventory, anytime and anywhere.

However, unlike crafting or alchemy, the game doesn’t explicitly reveal the outcome of combining two specific items. You’ll need to use your intuition to guess what you might get. For instance, combining a ‘Shaft of a Broken Spear’ with a ‘Head of a Broken Spear’ will likely produce a complete spear. Of course, it won’t always be as straightforward!

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