How to do Purge Kor Dragon of Vampiric Corruption in Diablo 4

Diablo IV

There are no words to describe how good Diablo 4 is. If you are a fan of this franchise you would instantly fall in love with the game.

There is so much to do, so much to explore that it often becomes addictive. Users would spend hours grinding dungeons and strongholds for XP and loot.

Speaking of Strongholds, there is a quest in the game that starts up once you reach a stronghold called Kor Dragon. The area is corrupted by vampires, and you need to clear it out.

But, it is easier said than done as the stronghold produces endless waves of Vampire enemies that seem quite impossible to put an end to.

In this guide, we would be talking about the quest called “Purge Kor Dragon of Vampiric Corruption” and how you can complete it quickly.

How to Clear all Vampire enemies in Kor Dragon Stronghold?

Once you reach the Stronghold, you would notice that the entire area is corrupted by Vampires. These vampires are a specific type of enemy in the game who tend to be the most annoying of them all.

As you enter the first area, you would notice a big vampiric incubator surrounded by several enemies, including Elites.

Once you clear them out, the most obvious thing to do is destroy the incubator. But wait, it is immune and takes no damage from you. In fact, more enemies keep spawning as you defeat them resulting in an endless cycle.

At this point, staying there and taking down the hordes one after the other would not be the right thing to do.

Instead, you actually go need to look for Small Incubators which are destroyable. The map will be marked with yellow circles to tell you that a small incubator is located in the region.

They look like this:

Once you destroy the incubators in an area, the yellow circle will disappear, indicating that the larger incubator is now destroyable.

Head to the larger one indicated by a square and a dot on the map and destroy that. Go over to the next area and follow the same rule. You would notice the bar on the right fill up as you do.

When you manage to destroy all the incubators, you will be able to proceed forward and face yet another annoying boss.

Defeating the boss could be difficult, especially as there are other enemies and traps in the area. You would find a trap that catches you with chains. You must destroy the trap to free yourself if you don’t want to die instantly.

Also, the best way to beat the boss would be to walk around the edge of the screen in circles waiting for your Ultimate to cool down. The moment it does, attack him with everything you have got.

If you try to take him down head-on, you might end up dying, especially if you are a Barbarian specializing in close-quarters combat. Maintaining your distance from the boss is key.

When you defeat the boss, collect your items and then go out to interact with the Wandere’s Shrine to complete the quest.

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That is all you need to know about completing the Kor Dragon Stronghold and the quest “Purge Kor Dragon of vampiric corruption” in Diablo 4. I hope this guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below.

Enjoy the game and watch Gamer Haul for more guides and updates on Diablo 4 and other games you love.

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