How to Farm Caelumite in Starfield


Best Ways to Farm Caelumite - A Rare Resource in Starfield

Caelumite Farm Starfield – Caelumite is a rare and unique resource essential for crafting high-end gear in Starfield. While you may encounter a small amount of Caelumite when you first touch the Artifact at the beginning of the story, it won’t be sufficient for crafting and upgrading items that require this mysterious mineral resource.

In this article, we’ll guide you on where to find and farm Caelumite in Starfield.

How and Where to Get Caelumite (Ct) in Starfield

Caelumite is classified as a ‘Unique’ resource with a three-star rarity, and you cannot farm it through traditional methods like other rare resources such as Titanium or Tungsten. You can discover Caelumite in two specific types of locations:

1. Near Artifact Sites

Caelumite Location in Artifact Cave in Starfield

Caelumite is most frequently found near Artifact sites that you come across during the course of the main story missions. So, the next time a mission leads you into an artifact cave, remember to activate your Scanner and search for this rare mineral hidden within!

Once you’ve identified a Caelumite ore, use your Laser Cutter to extract it and add it to your inventory. It’s worth noting that Caelumite deposits have substantial health, so cutting through them even with a max-power Laser Cutter will take some time.

2. Near Gravitational Anomalies

Gravitional Anomaly - Caelumite Farming Spot in Starfield

Another location to uncover Caelumite is at Gravitational Anomalies near the towers. You’ll come across one of these spots during the second part of the ‘Into the Unknown’ mission when you visit the Procyon III planet to obtain your first power at Temple Eta. Gravitational Anomalies are rich sources of Caelumite, making them excellent locations for farming this resource.

As you progress through the game and complete missions to acquire more powers, you’ll gain access to additional planets where you can find Caelumite. These Gravitational Anomalies are scattered throughout the planets with Temples, so make sure to explore each section patiently!

To locate a Gravitational Anomaly:

  • Use your Scanner to survey your surroundings and identify gray flags.
  • Scan the gray flags to convert them into specific symbols indicating the presence of an anomaly in that area.
  • Approach the marked spot to reveal the Gravitational Anomaly and start harvesting your Caelumite!
Looking for gravitional anomaly location using scanner in starfield

#ProTip: If you wish to revisit a planet where you’ve already gained a Power, check your Missions section for “Power From Beyond” quests. The name within brackets indicates the planets with Temples that you’ve visited earlier.

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And there you have it, folks! That’s everything you need to know about how to farm Caelumite in Starfield.

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