How to Get the Equipment Plates in Starfield


Equipment Plates Starfield: Are you trying to figure out how to add equipment like scan jammers or weapons to your ship in Starfield? In many cases, you’ll need to use the equipment plate to mount them. However, the game doesn’t make it obvious where to find these important ship building components. I ran into the same issue when trying to deck out my starship with some questionable contraband-hiding tech. You need to know where to track down the elusive equipment plates.

Not Seeing Equipment Plates in the Ship Builder? You’re Not Alone

When I started building my dream ship in Starfield, I was perplexed when equipment plates didn’t appear in the structural components menu. After scouring online forums, it became clear I wasn’t the only one scratching my head. Many players have reported issues locating the equipment plates in the ship builder, even after progressing far into the game.

So what gives? It turns out the availability of equipment plates depends on both the specific shipyard and where you’re trying to mount them on your ship.

Where to Find Equipment Plates for Sale

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Through trial and error across multiple systems, I’ve found the equipment plates for sale most consistently at the following locations:

  • Red Mile Shipyard – Porrima System
  • Taiyo Shipyard – Neon System
  • Akila City Shipyard – Akila System

If you still can’t see equipment plates at any of those shipyards, try building a brand new ship from scratch rather than modifying an existing one. I’ve seen reports that starting fresh can unlock the equipment plates.

Mounting Rules for Equipment Plates

Once you’ve tracked down a shipyard selling equipment plates, you still need to follow some quirky rules to mount them successfully:

  • Equipment plates can only be placed on top of flat horizontal surfaces. Don’t try to stick them on vertical walls or angled sections.
  • Leaving an equipment plate permanently mounted somewhere on the ship may prevent the component from disappearing entirely from the build menu.
  • The game only allows equipment like jammers and weapons to be stacked up to a certain amount before additional ones have no effect.

With these tips in mind, you should now be able to start customizing your Starfield ship with new scanners, guns, and other gadgets using the equipment plates. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for making these stubborn shipbuilding components appear!

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    • There is no option to build a ship from the ground up. You can, however, tear down an existing ship by removing all of its parts and THEN start from scratch.


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