Palworld: Best Pals for Kindling


Having the right companions by your side in Palworld can make all the difference, especially when it comes to tasks requiring fire or heat. Whether it’s powering up furnaces, providing warmth to egg incubators, or cooking up a storm at the cooking pot, having a reliable Fire-type Pal for Kindling is essential for smooth base operations. So, in this article, I’ve curated a list of the top five Pals for kindling in Palworld, making all these tasks, and more, a breeze!

Best Kindling Pals in Palworld

[#5] – Arsox

Arsox, with a modest 2 points in Kindling, may not be the top choice for the task, but it shines bright in the early game. It is, after all, the pal who helped me craft my first Ingots and Cakes and provided warmth to the Scorching Eggs that hatched into other pals on this list!

[#4] – Reptyro

While Reptyro boasts a Kindling proficiency of level 3, like the next two Fire-type pals, its considerable size makes it one of the slowest walking Pals in the game. It may face challenges navigating congested areas in your base if you haven’t optimized your base design yet. Despite this drawback, Reptyro’s additional Level 3 proficiency in Mining makes it a valuable asset for your base nonetheless!

[#3] – Blazehowl / Blazehowl Noct

Blazehowl, a Level 3 Kindling Pal, excels in Logging tasks as well. This allows it to efficiently generate a steady supply of wood when not attending to an active furnace or cooking pot!

[#2] – Ragnahawk

Tied for second place, Faleris and Ragnahawk both feature Level 3 Kindling and Level 3 Transportation skills. Their swift flying speed makes them efficient at transporting resources around your base when not engaged in Kindling tasks.

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[#1] – Jormuntide Ignis

Image of Jormuntide Ignis, a huge Fire-type Dragon pal in Palworld.

As the undisputed best Fire-type Pal for combat, it’s no surprise that Jormuntide Ignis claims the top spot for Kindling. With four points in Kindling and no other work suitability, Jormuntide Ignis is perfect for mining bases, solely focusing on producing Ingots and Charcoal without distractions!

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That wraps up our list of the best Pals for Kindling in Palworld! Stay tuned to Gamer Haul for more tips and the latest news on everything Palworld!

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