Palworld: How to Breed Orserk


Orserk, arguably the most powerful Electric-type pal in Palworld, boasts an epic design and wields a unique trident, perfectly complementing its title as the ‘Ferocious Thunder Dragon.’ While typically found in the highly challenging endgame zone, Wildlife Sanctuary #3, there’s a more accessible way to add this electrifying powerhouse to your party – breeding!

If you’re eager to recruit Orserk early in the game, here’s the precise parent combination you need and a step-by-step guide on how to breed it in Palworld!

How to Get Orserk Early in Palworld

Action screenshot of Orserk's unique trident-wielding attack in Palworld.

Orserk (Paldeck#106) can be obtained early on by crossbreeding a highly specific combination of male and female parents:

  • Relaxaurus (Paldeck#85) and
  • Grizzbolt (Paldeck#103).

If you’re not yet familiar with the breeding mechanics in Palworld, let’s get you up to speed. First, make sure you have a Breeding Farm in your base, unlockable from the Technology tab at Level 19. Once you have that set up, head to the marked regions on the map below to catch yourself some Relaxauruses, and if you haven’t already, follow our guide to easily breed a Grizzbolt. Remember, you’ll need both a female and a male version of Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt to begin the breeding process at the breeding farm!

#ProTip: Two parent Pals can pass down their passive skills to their offspring, so catch as many as needed to roll the best combat perks for your Orserk!

Location of Relaxaurus, a parent pal that can produce Orserk as an offspring in Palworld.

Once your male and female parent pals are ready, head back to your base, interact with the Palbox, and deploy your selected parents. Assign them to the breeding farm by manually placing them inside one by one. Finally, start the breeding process by adding a Cake to the farm’s storage box, then patiently wait for that XL-sized Huge Dragon Egg to hatch!

After the egg is produced, transfer it into an Egg Incubator. Let it fully incubate, and to speed up the process, provide the necessary warmth by placing a campfire or burner nearby. It takes around an hour for any Huge Egg to incubate at its ideal temperature. Once the timer’s over, interact with the incubator to welcome your very own mighty Orserk into your Palworld party!

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And there you have it! You’re now ready to breed Orserk and bring the thunder and flash to your enemies. Stay tuned to Gamer Haul for more OP breeding guides and other Palworld tips and tricks!

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