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With this year being the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, there’s no doubt that the franchise continues its massive popularity. With the release of Pokemon Go earlier this year and the most recent release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, we can safely say that Pokemon is here to stay. And what better way to celebrate its ongoing popularity than with Pokemon plush toys and stuffed animals?

Soft and cuddly, these plush toys are great for reenacting your favorite scenes, playing out your Pokebattles, or displaying them with other items from your prized collection of Pokemon merchandise. So whether you’re a young Pokemon trainer or just a big kid at heart, keep scrolling to discover the best Pokemon plush toys available today, and make sure you catch ’em all!

Here’s a collection that I have curated for the fans.

Pokemon Pokeball Plush Stuffed Toy

What’s a better place to start your Pokemon plush toy collection than with every aspiring Pokemon trainer’s essential tool – the Pokeball? This super soft stuffed toy looks just like the Pokeball from the games and shows with its vibrant red top and bright white bottom. Coming in roughly 5 inches, or around the size of a softball, this stuffed Pokeball is a hit with kids and serious collectors alike.

Pokemon All Star Series Pikachu Plush Toy by Sanei

Once you’ve got your Pokeball, it’s time to catch what is perhaps the most popular and iconic Pokemon of all – Pikachu! From the All Star Series by Sanei, this Pokemon stuffed animal comes in at 7 inches, making it just the right size for winning those reenacted battles during playtime, cuddling at bedtime, or showcasing with the rest of your Pokemon collection.

Pokemon Gengar by TOMY

No need to fear the dark with Gengar on your side! This 10” pokemon plush toy is perfect for playtime and even better for bedtime! Gengar likes the shadows and isn’t afraid of the dark, so you’ll be well-protected when you turn out the lights.

Pokemon All-Star Series Eevee by Sanei

You may see Eevee just about everywhere when playing Pokemon Go, but now you can officially bring one home thanks to the All-Star Series of Pokemon plush toys by Sanei! This super cute, soft 8″ plush would be a great addition to any fan’s collection!

Pokemon All-Star Series Charmander by Sanei

Make Charmander your starter with this 6.5-inch pokemon plush toy. From the limited All-Star Series by Sanei, this cute and cuddly toy has a picture-accurate flame-tip tail and a cheeky grin that makes it look like it popped right out of the game. A must-have for any serious Pokemon collector!

All-Star Series Jigglypuff by Sanei

This officially licensed plush toy from Sanei features our favorite singing Pokemon: Jigglypuff! While this soft pink plush doesn’t sing for us, it still looks picture-perfect and adorable and would be a fun bonus to any fan’s collection or toybox!

Froakie Plush Toy by TOMY

This 18″ plush toy from the X and Y generation features Froakie! Super soft and cuddly, young Pokemon fans will love the portability of this toy, while collectors will enjoy the quality that TOMY promises in their officially licensed line of Pokemon stuffed animals.

Torchic by TOMY

Another cute plush from the X and Y generation features Torchic! Approximately 8 inches tall, younger fans will have a blast creating their Pokemon battles with Torchic, while collectors will enjoy adding another quality product from TOMY’s line of Pokemon stuffed animals to their ensemble.

Meowth Plush Toy by TOMY

This Meowth plush by TOMY is made of soft-to-the-touch polyester for the ultimate cuddling comfort! Perfect for play, bedtime, or display, no Pokemon collection is complete without this famous little rascal!

All-Star Series Squirtle Plush Toy by Sanei

This officially licensed Pokemon plush is from Sanei’s All Star Series and features a soft and squishy fan favorite: the ever popular Squirtle! Maybe you choose this light blue turtle in your traditional Pokemon lineup or wield his powers in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but regardless of how you became a Squirtle fan, don’t forget to add him to your real collection before this limited collectible is gone!

Psyduck Plush Toy by Sanei

Despite Psyduck being an uncommon catch in Pokemon Go, you can now bring him home quickly thanks to the All-Star Series of officially licensed Pokemon plush toys by Sanei. This soft and squeezable toy is a fun catch for Pokemon trainers of all ages!

Evolution of Eevee Sylveon by TOMY

One of Eevee’s final forms, the adorable Sylveon, will charm her way into any Pokemon trainer’s heart (or Pokeball). This soft and cuddly 9-inch plush by TOMY is covered in pale pink, blue, and white polyester for easy cleaning – making it an excellent choice for kids, while the accurate representation will ensure it is a favorite addition to any collection.

Poliwag Plush Toy by Sanei

Is Poliwag one of your go-to Pokemon? Then you’ll love this plush toy from Sanei. The All-Star Series has limited quantities, making this line of Pokemon plush toys rare and collectible. The picture-perfect design, soft feel, and durable quality make these Pokemon plushies unique. If you love Poliwag, snatch this up before it’s gone!

Clefairy by Sanei

Cute? Check. Pink? Check. Soft and squishy? Double check.

It’s impossible not to love Clefairy, especially when Sanei does it justice with this 5-inch officially licensed Pokemon plush toy. Evolving from Cleffa (also available here), this shy little pink Pokemon is made of super soft and durable polyester and is a popular favorite from the anime and Pokemon Go.

Mudkip by TOMY

Everyone loves a cute Mudkip, and there’s no reason you can’t have your very own, thanks to TOMY’s line of Pokemon stuffed animals. This 8-inch plush toy is made of vibrant blue and orange polyester, making it super soft and fun to cuddle and play with. It’s also relatively inexpensive as far as most Pokemon collectibles go, so you can grab Mudkip and add another of your favorite Pokemon to your prized collection!

Fennekin Plush Toy by TOMY

If you love the fox-like Fennekin, this is the Pokemon plushie for you! This soft 9-inch plush is made of vibrant polyester for easy cleaning and durability. Excellent detailing in the embroidered face and fluffy ears make this plush extra special and a fun companion for any Pokemon fan!

All-Star Series Mew by Sanei

Part of the famous Mew Duo, the sweet and innocent Mew comes alive in picture-perfect quality with Sanei’s All-Star Series of limited-edition Pokemon plush toys. This cute plush is soft, cuddly, and ready to add to any Pokemon trainer’s collection.

Mewtwo Plush Toy by Sanei

Can’t have Mew without its counterpart, Mewtwo! Part of the legendary duo of the mythical Mew and Legendary Mewtwo, this Pokemon may be elusive, but you can catch it while it is still available from the limited All-Star Series. A popular fan favorite and unique collectible!

Bulbasaur Plush Toy by Sanei

The recognizable fan favorite Bulbasaur is depicted accurately in the All-Star Series by Sanei. This Pokemon plush toy features soft and durable material and detailed embroidery on the face, making it a great starter to your collection – just like in the game! This one is limited like the other plushes in this line, so make sure you grab it before it’s gone.

Snorlax Toy by Sanei

Is the mythical Snorlax eluding you in Pokemon Go? Not too surprising since it’s always snoozing out of sight. But lucky for you, Sanei created this adorable Snorlax plush. At 8 inches, it’s not just cute and cuddly – it’s portable, so you can take it with you and be the envy of all the other trainers at your next Pokestop. This Pokemon plush toy might be your lucky charm to catch the elusive Snorlax in your game. Make sure you grab it before it’s gone!

This was our collection of the best plush toys that are available on the market, do check them out.

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