Lies of P: Puppet or Human – What to Pick at Hotel Defense System?

Lies of P

Puppet vs Human Dialogue Choice in Lies of P Hotel Krat Defense System Encounter

Lies of P, the latest soulslike game from Neowiz Games, offers a dark twist on the classic tale of Pinocchio. What sets this game apart is its unique ‘Lie System,’ which comes into play during key story moments, specific side quests, and interactions with NPCs.

Early in the game, you’ll get a taste of this system when you arrive at the entrance of Hotel Krat – right after defeating the Parade Master boss. As you interact with the big hotel door, the Hotel Defense System asks you an unusual question: “Who are you?” Here, you face a significant decision—do you lie and claim to be human or truthfully admit that you are a puppet? Let’s delve into the outcomes of each choice:

What Happens if You Choose Puppet At Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

Choosing Puppet Dialogue Choice at Hotel Krat Defense System Encounter in Lies of P

If you decide to stay true to your nature and honesty and respond that you’re a puppet:

  • The Hotel Defense System deems puppets as troublemakers and forbids all outside puppets from entering Hotel Krat.
  • It requests you to leave the premises, ending the interaction.

In this scenario, you won’t gain access to the Hotel if you choose to be truthful.

What Happens if You Choose Human At Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

Choosing Human Dialogue Choice at Hotel Krat Defense System Encounter in Lies of P

If you opt to defy your nature and lie, claiming that you are a human:

  • The Hotel Defense System references the Grand Covenant’s Fourth Law, which states that puppets cannot lie. It believes your human lie.
  • It welcomes you to Hotel Krat, allowing you to push the door open with a second interaction.

This is one of the first interactions in the game that forces you in order to lie to progress. Pinocchio embraces his more human side by choosing deception, while sticking to the truth keeps him in touch with his puppet nature – honest but emotionless!

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In Lies of P, your choices shape your character’s path, and the Hotel Krat Defense System encounter serves as an early example of the moral dilemmas you’ll encounter in the game!

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