Starfield Puddle Glitch: How to Get Unlimited Free Credits & Items


As someone who loves to explore every corner of massive open-world RPGs like Starfield, I’m always looking for ways to collect more loot and get richer faster. So when I heard about a glitch that can net you unlimited credits and items, I had to try it out. Here’s how to use the Starfield Puddle Glitch to become filthy rich.

What is the Starfield Puddle Glitch?

Akila City (Cheyenne System)

This glitch takes advantage of a developer oversight – storage chests for vendors’ inventories are placed too close to the surface near puddles outside of shops. By carefully positioning yourself and looking from a specific angle, you can access these chests and take everything inside without it counting as stealing!

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This effectively gives you unlimited access to a vendor’s entire stock of items and credits. Even better, you can come back after 24 in-game hours for a fully restocked chest of free loot. It’s an easy path to unlimited riches.

Step-By-Step Guide to the Puddle Glitch

Here’s exactly how you can use this glitch to your advantage:

To get started, you’ll first need to travel to Akila City on the planet Akila, located in the Cheyenne System. This system can be found to the northeast of Alpha Centauri. Once you arrive at Akila City, head towards the bridge at the entrance and cross over it. After crossing the bridge, go left and look for Shepherd’s General Store – it will be the first shop on your left just past the bridge.

Walk toward this box, rotate your player, and see the puddle in the image below.

When you find Shepherd’s General Store, look on the ground directly outside the front entrance for a small puddle. Crouch down in front of this puddle and look carefully at the left side of it to find just the right spot. If you position yourself correctly, you should see a storage chest inventory screen pop up. This storage chest contains the shop’s entire inventory of items and credits.

Puddle outside Shepherd’s General Store that you can interact with.

With the inventory screen open, go ahead and take whatever items and credits you want from the chest! Don’t worry, it won’t count as stealing. Once you’ve emptied out the chest, you’ll need to wait 24 hours on another planet for the chest to refill. After waiting, return to the puddle in front of Shepherd’s and access the refilled storage chest again to grab even more free loot and credits!

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Tips and Tricks

  • Taking valuables like fusion cores over basic resources maximizes profits when reselling items.
  • Sitting in a chair is the fastest way to pass time and reset vendor inventories.
  • Quicksave first, in case you get a bounty – reloading gets rid of it.
  • Grab skill magazines you don’t have for easy skill boosts!

Now you know how to take advantage of this overpowered glitch! Let me know if this guide helped make you rich in Starfield. I’ll try to amass a giant fortune using this puddle trick. Hopefully, Bethesda doesn’t patch it out too soon!

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