THE FINALS Continues to Be Plagued by Cheaters


In the fast-paced world of online shooters, The Finals has emerged as one of the quickest-growing games in recent weeks. Following a successful beta and amassing a staggering 10 million players just two weeks after its stealthy launch by Embark Studios, the game has hit significant milestones in record time. However, amidst the excitement, there’s a persistent issue that continues to ruin the experience for players – cheaters.

During the latter stages of the open beta, The Finals faced an onslaught of cheaters, leaving players hopeful that this was merely a beta hiccup that would be swiftly resolved upon the official release. Fast forward three weeks post-release, and the cheating problem not only persists but has escalated to new heights! Social media platforms like Reddit and X (Twitter) are flooded with discussions about cheaters and hackers, with nearly one in ten posts reflecting the disappointment of fans who expected the developers to handle such issues effectively.

Now, it’s not like the ex-DICE developers have turned a blind eye to the problem. Acknowledging the surge in cheating instances, they assured players they are “actively working on improving the situation.” However, the last official communication from community lead Dusty Gustafsson, shared almost ten days ago on THE FINALS’ Discord server, explained a “technical issue” hindered the developers from “banning cheaters efficiently.”

The statement emphasized that the developers’ top priority is maintaining a “smooth, safe, and fair space for players.” While it was mentioned that they were “nearing a solution” to the bug and had “already begun re-upping” their anti-cheat measures, there has been no further news. And given the ongoing holiday season, an update is not expected for the next few days.

For players seeking an enjoyable experience in The Finals, the current suggestion is to consider taking a temporary break from the game until the developers implement a permanent solution. Alternatively, if you can’t resist the urge to play (we get it!), it’s advisable to at least steer clear of the Ranked Tournament mode, where cheaters reportedly thrive.

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