Anubis Weakness in Palworld


Anubis, a level 47 Alpha boss in Palworld, awaits challengers in the desert area northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point (coordinates: -130, -96). As an endgame-level boss, Alpha Anubis demands careful preparation and strategy. Here’s everything you need to know about Anubis’s weaknesses, the best pals to counter it, and tips on defeating it in Palworld!

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What is Anubis’s Weakness in Palworld?

Anubis, an Alpha Boss in Palworld, posing in its fighting stance.

Anubis is a Ground-type Pal, so it is naturally vulnerable to the Grass element in Palworld. This means that not only do Grass-type attacks deal more damage to Anubis, but Grass-type pals are also more resistant to Ground-type attacks.

However, relying solely on elemental advantages may not suffice against an Alpha Anubis! To stand a chance against it, aim to reach at least level 42 for both your character and pals before facing it head-on. Too much of a level gap with the boss could result in your entire team being one-shot by its high-damage attacks!

List of Pals Strong vs. Anubis

To effectively counter Anubis, assembling a team of potent Grass-type Pals is crucial. Here’s a lineup of the top Grass-type Pals, ranked by their Base Attack stat, whose attacks are highly effective against Anubis:

Paldeck NumberNameBase Attack

Once these pals are sufficiently leveled up, you can unlock and equip multiple Grass-type Active Skills on them, such as Spine Vine and Solar Blast, which are highly effective against a Ground-type boss like Anubis. Remember, not only do these Pals deal more damage to Anubis, but they can also resist and endure some of its attacks thanks to their Grass-types’s natural resilience against Ground-types!

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