Astegon Weakness in Palworld


Close up image of Astegon, a Dark-element Alpha Boss in Palworld.

Alpha Astegon is a level 48 world boss in Palworld, residing within the Destroyed Mineshaft in the volcanic region at coordinates: -576, -421. Much like Blazamut, Astegon is a tanky opponent who poses a significant challenge and is considered an endgame boss, not to be taken lightly! Here’s everything you need to know about Astegon’s weaknesses, the best pals to counter it, and tips for defeating it in Palworld.

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What is Astegon’s Weakness in Palworld?

List of best Pals to counter Alpha Astegon boss in Palworld

Astegon is a hybrid Dark/Dragon-type Pal, making it vulnerable to two types of elemental attacks: Ice and Dragon. Ice is effective against Dragon, while Dragon is effective against Dark. This also means that your Dragon-type Pals can resist Astegon’s Dark-type attacks, and your Ice-type Pals can withstand some of its Dragon-type assaults.

However, having an elemental advantage alone may not suffice; it’s crucial to sufficiently level up both your character and your combat pals before challenging this tanky Alpha Pal!

List of Pals Strong vs. Astegon

Here’s a breakdown of Palworld’s top Ice-type and Dragon-type Pals, in order of their Base ATK stat, whose attacks will prove ‘highly effective’ against Astegon:

Dragon-type Pals:

Paldeck NumberNameBase Attack
#101BJormuntide Ignis130
#85BRelaxaurus Lux110

Ice-type Pals:

Paldeck NumberNameBase Attack
#71BVanwyrm Cryst120
#88BIce Reptyro105
#90BMammorest Cryst85

Upon sufficiently leveling up these pals, you can unlock and equip various Ice-type Active Skills, such as Cryst Breath and Blizzard Spike, or equally powerful Dragon-type attacks, like Draconic Breath and Dragon Burst. Not only will these attacks deal extra damage to the boss, but these Pals can also resist incoming damage to a certain extent from a Dark/Dragon Pal like Astegon!

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