Starfield: Persuade Jacob, Ask Cora, or Steal The Maps in The Empty Nest?


In the “The Empty Nest” mission in Starfield, you encounter Sam Coe, who believes he has the key to locating one of the artifacts on his home planet, Akila. However, his father, Jacob Coe, is withholding the map that reveals the Artifact’s location due to a longstanding father-son dispute. Jacob wants Sam and his granddaughter to spend more time on Akila, while Sam is eager to leave the planet behind. Now, the decision falls upon you: Should you attempt to persuade Jacob, steal the map, or seek help from his granddaughter, Cora?

What Happens if You Persuade Jacob to Give You the Map in Starfield?

Jacob Coe Dialogue Options in The Empty Nest Mission of Starfield

This is the path to choose if you aim for a “morally sound” outcome. If you select the [Persuade] dialogue option after engaging in conversation with Jacob:

  • A Persuasion mini-game begins, challenging you to successfully fill four persuasion meters using different dialogue options within three turns.
  • Alternatively, if you have the ‘Negotiation’ skill, you can pay Jacob 2000 Credits to skip the mini-game entirely.

If you manage to convince Jacob, he will provide you with a key to the room he had been blocking access to. Inside this room, you’ll find the sought-after map on a desk, allowing you to proceed to the next phase of the mission.

Persuasion Minigame Option with Jacob Coe in The Empty Nest Mission of Starfield

What Happens if You Steal the Map From Jacob in Starfield?

Option to Steal Artifact Map in The Empty Nest Mission of Starfield

Stealing the map is a straightforward process and doesn’t require any skill points allocated to the Security skill:

  • Select the [Distract] dialogue option when engaging in conversation with Jacob to inform him that Sam needs to talk to him about something.
  • Sam will lead Jacob to the kitchen, providing you with an opportunity to start the Digipicking process on the door to Jacob’s office.
  • The lockpicking mini-game for this specific door is relatively simple, as it’s at the Novice level.

There don’t appear to be any negative story or character impacts if you choose to steal the map. It seems to be a relatively consequence-free option – so you need not worry about any “unfavorable outcomes”!

What Happens if You Ask Cora to Help With Jacob in Starfield?

Starfield Screenshot

While this may be the easiest way to obtain the required map, it’s an option I would advise against. That’s why it’s the third choice on the list! Asking Cora for assistance with Jacob instead of handling the situation yourself will result in:

  1. Disappointing her father, Sam Coe, and earning his disapproval and dislike.
  2. Cora will depart, requiring you to return to the estate where Jacob insists that Cora stay with him while Sam explores the galaxy. Although Sam initially opposes this, he eventually relents.
  3. You will obtain the map to the Artifact, but Cora will no longer be a permanent part of your ship’s crew.

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That is everything we have on whether you should persuade Jacob to give you the map to the Artifact, steal it, or ask Cora for help in “The Empty Nest” mission of Starfield!

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