How to Land on Planet in Starfield


To land on a planet in Starfield may sound as simple as words get, but to learn the basic controls for your spaceship and everything else may take a while. Hence, it raises a question- How do you Land on a Planet in Starfield?

Tune into this article to learn everything that we know!

How to Land on Planet in Starfield

As you start playing any game, you might need a while to get used to the game’s basic mechanics, and the same is the scenario with Starfield, as you may need to set the route for a planet in the game manually. Further, it isn’t as simple as just setting a route; there’s much more to landing your spaceship on another planet in Starfield, and without further ado, here’s how to land on a Planet in Starfield!

Knowing how to land your ship on another planet is quite necessary as the game requires you to become interstellar, and to land on any said planet/moon in Starfield, you need to be orbiting the planet/moon beforehand. If you aren’t anywhere close to the planet you’re looking to land on, you’ll need to manually set course to the planet and orbit it before you can land on it. This might seem confusing initially, but we promise it isn’t!

To set your course towards any planet, all you need to do is fire up your Starmap and select the “set course” option. Next, select and hold the travel button to confirm the route! Once this is done, you’ll find yourself eventually orbiting the planet you chose, and once that is the case, open the Starmap again and zoom in on the said planet. Here, you’ll be able to choose the landing target: choose the target place you desire to land on, and then press and hold the “land” button.

Some planets do have preset or designated landing sites. However, you can always choose another landing site on the same planet to explore the area. There’s always an unexplored location or a site in the game that you can visit to completely “survey” the planet. Once you’ve surveyed a planet, you’ll receive a survey data disk that you can sell at a really good price. The moral of this is that the more you explore, the more you’ll find out; eventually, all of that exploring a planet will pay off in its way! 

That said, that’s all you need to know about how you could land on a planet in Starfield.

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