Palword Capture Rate Bug finally fixed!

People who have been even a tad bit updated with gaming news in the past few days know that Palworld is trending everywhere. From Steam charts to Streaming Platforms, it is ruling them all. The game has undergone a lot of changes since its launch, but there was this one bug that Pocketpair didn’t bother … Read more

This is how much Palworld Servers cost

It has almost been a month since the launch of Palworld, and the hype is still as fresh as it can be. The game is still getting more than a million players each day and is topping the gaming charts all around the world. But have you wondered how much is the cost of the … Read more

Palworld Upcoming Pals Leaked!

Palworld is already the most popular game in the world right now. Everything about the game feels right. We at Gamer Haul have been sinking hours into the game, and we have to say this is the most fun we have had in a survival game in a while. The game already has a ton … Read more

How to Increase Flying Speed in Palworld

One of the main modes of transportation in Palworld is, obviously, Flying. Moving by Foot is obviously useful, but it has its limitations. That is why players need to make sure that they keep at least one Flying Pal in their Party. Now, when you are starting Palworld, the first Flying Pal that most people … Read more

All Starfield Resources

Starfield Resources

Bethesda’s Starfield has been one of the most anticipated games of the year, with more than 1,000 planets and 100 star systems for the players to explore. The game is truly gargantuan, so much so that there is no real representation of the extent of the game’s map. However, we are quite sure that whatever … Read more