How to Increase Flying Speed in Palworld


One of the main modes of transportation in Palworld is, obviously, Flying. Moving by Foot is obviously useful, but it has its limitations. That is why players need to make sure that they keep at least one Flying Pal in their Party. Now, when you are starting Palworld, the first Flying Pal that most people come by is Nitewing. But the problem is, the Fly speed is extremely slow. Here is how to increase it.

How to Increase Flying Speed in Palworld

To increase the Fly Speed of your Flying Pal, you need to first decide which Pal you are going to use. If you want to increase the speed of Vanwyrm, then this is what you need to do.

The first thing you need to do is reach level 14 in Palworld, and unlock the Pal Essence Condenser using Ancient Technology Points. Then, you need to craft the Pal Essence Condenser using 20x Paldium Fragment, 20x Ingot, and 5x Ancient Civilization Parts.

Pal Essence Condenser

Once you are done crafting, you need to catch Five copies of the Pal that you want to increase the flying speed. In this case, you need to catch 5x Vanwyrms. Once you are done catching them, go and interact with the Pal Essence Condenser, select your main Vanwyrm. Now, you need to select the other Four Vanwyrms in order to use their Pal Extract. Once the Pal Extract bar is full, select “Begin Condensation”.

Once the Condensation, your Pal’s Flying Skill will level up, and the flying speed of that Pal with increase.

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