Palworld: How to Breed Shadowbeak


Shadowbeak, the formidable Dark-element pal in Palworld, serves as an exceptional all-rounder, delivering heavy-damage attacks in combat and doubling as both a fast ground and a swift aerial mount for exploration. However, owing to its status as the game’s final Tower Boss, Shadowbeak is a rare find located in the 3rd Wildlife Sanctuary island, which is strictly an endgame zone.

However, fear not! I’ve got the exact parent combination you need and a strategy to breed Shadowbeak, even if you’re still early in your Palworld journey!

How to Get Shadowbeak Early in Palworld

Image of Palworld player petting their Shadowbeak

To obtain Shadowbeak as an offspring early in the game, you’ll need the exclusive combination of a female and a male:

  • Kitsun (Paldeck#61), and
  • Astegon (Paldeck#98).

This is the only parent combination that will give you the ‘Huge Dark Egg’ that is guaranteed to hatch into a Shadowbeak. No other combination of parent Pals will do the trick!

For those still getting acquainted with Palworld’s breeding mechanics, let’s break it down. Unlock the Breeding Farm from the Technology tab at Level 19, and follow our guide to easily breed an Astegon. After that, venture to the marked regions (*at night*) on the map to collect some Kitsuns. Remember, you’ll need both a male and a female version of Kitsun and Astegon to kickstart the breeding process at the farm.

#ProTip: Maximize your Shadowbeak’s potential by obtaining parent Pals with the best combat/movement speed perks – two parent Pals can pass down their passive skills to their offspring.

Map location of Kitsun, one of the pals required for breeding a Shadowbeak in Palworld.

Once your dynamic duo of parent pals is ready, return to your base, interact with the Palbox, and deploy your selected parents. Place them in the breeding farm one by one, and kickstart the breeding process by adding a Cake to the farm’s storage box. Now, the hardest part – waiting for that XL-sized Huge Dark Egg to hatch!

After the egg is produced, transfer it into an Egg Incubator. To speed up the incubation process, add a campfire or burner nearby to provide the necessary warmth. It takes around an hour for any Huge Egg to incubate at its ideal temperature. Once the timer is up, interact with the incubator to welcome your brand new Shadowbeak into your Palworld party!

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