Palworld: How to Breed Lyleen


In Palworld, Lyleen is a special Grass-type pal who is ‘docile’ and ‘full of love.’ What makes Lyleen truly unique, though, is her ‘Harvest Goddess’ Partner Skill—giving you access to one of the only on-demand healing abilities in the game whenever she’s in your party! However, despite encountering Lyleen in the ‘Lily & Lyleen’ biome boss battle at the Free Pal Alliance Tower, the game doesn’t let you recruit her into your party there.

No worries, though! I’ve got the perfect parent combination to help you breed your very own Lyleen at your Palworld base!

How to Get Lyleen in Palworld

Close-up image of Lyleen, a majestic Grass-type Alpha Pal in Palworld.

As the star of Palworld’s second Tower Boss fight, Lyleen is a special category pal that can be obtained as an offspring through a specific combination of a female and a male:

  • Mossanda (Paldeck#033), and
  • Petallia (Paldeck#087).

No other combination will give you a Lyleen egg, so make sure you have these two pals in your collection. That said, if you’re not familiar with Palworld’s breeding mechanics, let’s go over it briefly!

To get your hands on the coveted ‘Huge Verdant Egg’ that hatches into a lovely Lyleen, you first need to have a Breeding Farm in your base, unlockable from the Technology tab at Level 19. Once the farm is set up, the next step is to collect the two parent pals; ensure you have both a female and a male of each Pal to initiate the breeding process:

  • Mossandas can be found roaming the region marked on the map below.
  • Petallia is a level 28 Alpha Pal that you can catch after defeating her inside the arena at the Ancient Ritual Site.
  • Mossanda (Lyleen Parent 1) location in Palworld
  • Mossanda (Lyleen Parent 2) location in Palworld

Note: Two parent Pals can pass down their passive skills to their offspring, so catch as many as needed to acquire your desired combat/working perks!

Once your male and female parent pals are ready, head back to your base, interact with your Palbox, and deploy your selected parents. Assign them to the breeding farm by manually placing them inside one by one. Finally, begin the breeding process by placing a Cake in the farm’s storage box, and then wait patiently for the Huge Verdant Egg to hatch.

After the egg is produced, transfer it into an Egg Incubator. Let it fully incubate, and to speed up the process, provide the necessary warmth by building a campfire or burner nearby. It takes around an hour for any Huge Egg to incubate at its optimal temperature. Once the timer’s over, interact with the incubator to welcome your very own Lyleen into your Palworld party!

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