This is how much Palworld Servers cost


It has almost been a month since the launch of Palworld, and the hype is still as fresh as it can be. The game is still getting more than a million players each day and is topping the gaming charts all around the world.

But have you wondered how much is the cost of the servers that host Palworld for millions. Well, the CEO of Palworld, Takuro Mizobe has an answer.

Palworld Server costs are insane!

CEO of Pocketpair, Takuro Mizobe tweeted on X a few days ago telling everyone that the server fees might cause them to go bankrupt. Check out the tweet:

According to Takuro, running the servers is costing them around 70 million Yen, which when converted to the good old US Dollars is $475,000.

If you ask me, those numbers are insane, and a company without a proper backing could easily run out of assets to commit.

An Engineer at Palworld, Chujo Hiroto responded, saying that their main priority is to not let the servers go down. Looking at the experience we have had with Palworld so far, I would say that it matches his claims.

It is amazing to see, how well the servers have managed to hold up, considering the fact that Palworld has close to 20 million players, as we speak.

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