Palworld: Best Flying Pals for Every Level


Palworld has a delightful variety of different types of pals for every job, and its Flying Pals serve as the best-in-class for exploration and traversal – all while giving you a new perspective to enjoy the beauty of Palpagos Islands! In this article, let’s explore which aerial mounts are the fastest in the game, arranged based on the level at which you unlock their saddles:

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Palworld: Fastest Flying Mounts for Your Level

Below, you’ll find the top flying pals recommended for every level, starting from level 15 and extending all the way up to the game’s maximum level of 50:

Level 15 to 21: Nitewing

With a Ride Sprint Speed of 750, Nitewing (#38) may not be the speedster of the skies, but it is the most optimal choice in the early game, ensuring traversal is both fun and faster than on foot or riding a ground mount. You can unlock its saddle from the Technology tab as early as level 15.

Level 21 to 34: Vanwyrm

Once you hit level 21, unlock Vanwyrm’s (#71) saddle for a worthy upgrade from Nitewing. Boasting a Ride Sprint Speed of 850, Vanwyrm not only speeds through the skies but also buffs your damage to enemy weak points while you’re riding it!

Level 34 to 38: Beakon

After a solid thirteen levels with Vanwyrm as your trusty aerial companion, it’s time to unlock Beakon’s (#73) saddle at level 34. You’ll quickly notice a steep increase in flying speed with this Electric-type pal, offering a Ride Sprint Speed of 1200, a straight +350 from Vanwyrm. To add to that, your attacks become infused with Electric damage while riding Beakon!

Level 38 to 50: Faleris

With a Ride Sprint Speed of 1400, Faleris (#105) claims the title of Palworld’s fastest non-Legendary flying pal. Unlock and craft its saddle at level 38, and it will serve as your best aerial mount until you reach the game’s current level cap of 50.

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Level 50: Jetragon

Jetragon (#111) undeniably secures its place as the fastest pal in the game by a large margin. Its normal Run Speed of 1700 already surpasses Faleris’ Sprint Speed of 1400! The base Ride Sprint Speed is an impressive 3300, and as a Legendary Pal, Jetragon comes with the ‘Legend’ passive skill. This perk not only increases the total Attack and Defense but also boosts the pal’s Movement Speed by a flat 15%, resulting in a remarkable total speed of around 3800!

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