Palworld: How to Breed Ragnahawk


Palworld offers a delightful variety of pals, and one that stands out is the impressive phoenix-like Fire-type pal that doubles as one of the fastest flying mounts, Ragnahawk. While you can stumble upon one in the open world, you’ll need to spend a fair amount of time leveling up your character before you can guarantee a capture with your Pal Sphere!

So, if you want to add a Ragnahawk to your party right away, here’s everything you need to know about breeding one yourself at your Palworld base!

How to Get Ragnahawk Early in Palworld

Palworld’s breeding algorithm allows you to pair a variety of parent combinations to produce a Ragnahawk as their guaranteed offspring. Below are the top ten pairs that you should be able to acquire fairly early in the game, either by capturing them in the world or breeding them:

Parent 1Parent 2

Aside from the obvious mating of a female and male Ragnahawk, over a hundred parent combinations can result in a Ragnahawk egg. However, the list above features pals commonly found in the early stages of the game. Remember, you need a female and male pair to initiate the cross-breeding process, which will result in a Large Scorching Egg. This egg, once incubated, will hatch into your very own Ragnahawk, inheriting the passive skills of its parents!

So, once you have your selected parent pals and all the necessary prerequisites (a Breeding Farm, a Cake, and an empty Egg Incubator), assign them to the farm and let them do their thing. Before you know it, you’ll have a Large Scorching Egg in your possession, ready to hatch into your very own Ragnahawk!

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