Palworld: How to Breed Blazamut


Blazamut is one of the most well-designed Fire-type pals in Palworld, showcasing both striking aesthetics and equally deadly combat prowess. However, its abilities are not limited to helping you win every pal battle; it is also one of the best companions you can have for Kindling and Mining at your base! Here’s everything you need to know about breeding and recruiting the fearsome ‘Magma Kaiser,’ Blazamut, into your Palworld party.

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How to Get Blazamut in Palworld

Unfortunately, Blazamut has a limited range of parent combinations for breeding, making it a bit challenging to acquire. There are only two parent combinations that lead to a Blazamut egg, and both demand you already possess a Blazamut:

  • Combination #1: Suzaku x Blazamut
  • Combination #2: Blazamut x Blazamut

This limited scope in terms of crossbreeding means your initial options to get a Blazamut involve engaging in combat with one in the world and reducing its health to secure a successful capture with your Pal Sphere. Two locations where you can find a Blazamut in Palworld are:

  • Level 49 Alpha Blazamut (boss) at the Scorching Mineshaft (X: 436, Y: 529) in the volcano biome.
  • No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary island in the far northeast part of the map.

While there is a chance that a Blazamut will hatch from a Huge Scorching Egg found in Mount Obsidian (like Jormuntide Ignis), I haven’t found any evidence to support this, and I haven’t had much luck either. So, instead of going on a Pal egg hunt, stick to the two options listed above!

Once you have your first Blazamut, you can use it to breed even mightier Blazamuts (or other fire pals) with the mentioned parent pairings. As parent pals can pass down their passives to their offspring, this guarantees the “Flame Emperor” passive skill on your new pal, which is otherwise an exclusive perk for Blazamut that boosts its fire attack damage by a flat 20%!

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And there you have it – everything you need to know about breeding and obtaining Blazamut in Palworld. Stay tuned to Gamer Haul for all things Palworld!

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