Palworld: Best Way to Get Ancient Technology Points Fast


In Palworld, Ancient Technology points are key to unlocking exclusive items and structures within the ‘Ancient Technology’ section of the Technology tree—offered every few levels. To secure crucial items like the Hip Lantern and Grappling Gun, as well as essential structures like the Statue of Power and Pal Essence Condenser for your base, you’ll need a solid strategy to farm ancient technology points in Palworld quickly!

Getting Ancient Technology Points Fast in Palworld

Defeating a ‘boss’ pal in Palworld for the first time earns you Ancient Technology points, and this is essentially the only method to obtain these special points. So, the ideal plan is to lay out a path and beat every boss on the map who is on par with your current level at least once. If you don’t want to go exploring to find the bosses in your region, you can use an interactive map (such as MapGenie’s) to pinpoint their exact locations.

Alpha Pal Bosses: These larger-than-normal pals, also known as World Bosses, drop 1 Ancient Technology point upon their first defeat. Examples include Mammorest, which you can spot early on, and alpha-versions of Chillet, Penking, and Azurobe. Each rewards you with an Ancient Technology Point for the ‘first kill.’

Tower Bosses: These are the five special bosses situated across different biomes. The game tutorial guides you to engage in the first boss fight at the Rayne Syndicate Tower: Zoe & Grizzbolt. Tower Bosses typically feature larger health bars and stronger attacks compared to Alpha Pals. As the “final boss” of each biome, they reward you with 5 Ancient Technology points when defeated for the first time.

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