Palworld: Best Passive Skills for Combat Pals


Anubis, one of the best ground-type combat pals in Palworld, posing in its fighting stance.

When you dive into the breeding mechanics of Palworld, you quickly realize the sky-high potential for even your best pals. This potential is largely thanks to the RNG factor of Passive Skills, which plays a pivotal role in optimizing your pals for their designated roles, whether it’s combat, resource gathering, or crafting.

In this article, I’ve curated a list of the best combat passive skills for your pals, with a focus on increasing their Attack and Defense stats for greater damage output and survivability in challenging battles. We’ll also explore what constitutes a “perfect battle-ready pal” in Palworld!

Best Combat Passives in Palworld

Jetragon, a Legendary pal in Palworld who can roll with the exclusive 'Legend' Passive Skill for increased combat capability.

Here’s a breakdown of the top-tier Passive Skills that enhance your pals’ combat prowess:

Passive Skill TierNameEffect
3LegendAttack +20%, Defense +20%, Movement Speed +15%
2MuscleheadAttack +30%, Work Speed -50%
3FerociousAttack +20%
3Burly BodyDefense +20%
3LuckyAttack +15%, Work Speed +15%
1HooliganAttack +15%, Work Speed -10%
1BraveAttack +10%
Note: ‘Legend’ is exclusive and guaranteed to roll on the Legendary pals: Jetragon, Frostallion, Necromus, and Paladius. ‘Lucky’ is exclusive to the “Shiny” (aka Lucky) Pals!

Passive Skills in Palworld are entirely RNG-based, meaning you have no control over which passive(s) will roll on a pal when you catch them. There’s even a chance of catching a pal with no passive at all or one with only negative effects.

However, thanks to the game’s breeding system, you can pass down passives from two parent pals to one child pal. This allows you to strategically breed pals with the best passives and gradually work towards creating the ultimate powerhouse for your party!

+20% Elemental Damage Passives in Palworld

Screenshot showcasing Orserk, an electric-type type Pal in Palworld, about to unleash its exclusive Lightning Trident attack.

In addition to the Attack-boosting passives, there are 9 (Tier 3) Passive Skills, one for each element in the game, that enhance the damage of that specific element for your Pal. These exclusive passives can only be acquired by capturing the Alpha (World Boss) version of their respective pals:

NameEffectAlpha Pal
Celestial Emperor+20% Neutral attack damagePaladius
Divine Dragon+20% Dragon attack damageJetragon
Earth Emperor+20% Ground attack damageAnubis
Flame Emperor+20% Fire attack damageBlazamut
Ice Emperor+20% Ice attack damageFrostallion
Lord of Lightning+20% Electric attack damageOrserk
Lord of the Sea+20% Water attack damageJormuntide
Lord of the Underworld+20% Dark attack damageNecromus
Spirit Emperor+20% Grass attack damageLyleen

By strategically breeding pals with the best passive skills, you can create powerful combinations that take your pal’s combat capabilities to the next level.

For example, a Fire-type Pal with [Legend + Musclehead + Ferocious + Flame Emperor] passives would boast a total +70% increase in Attack and Elemental Damage, along with +20% Defense and +15% Movement Speed from the Legend perk!

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That wraps up everything you need to know about the best combat-focused Passive Skills for your Pals in Palworld and how to unlock their full potential by stacking multiple Tier 2 and 3 passives together! Keep an eye on Gamer Haul for all things Palworld!

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