Palworld: Best Passive Skills for Base Work Pals


In Palworld, catching pals comes with the unpredictability of which game-changing Passive Skills will roll with them. You might end up with no passive at all or, worse, a negative effect. However, these perks are pivotal in optimizing your pals and unlocking their full potential, whether it’s for combat, resource gathering, or base-building. In this guide, we’ll focus on the best passive skills to boost the productivity of your base work pals, enhancing their Work Speed and helping maintain their Sanity to ensure efficient base leveling in Palworld!

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Best Work Speed and SAN Passives in Palworld

Here are the top-tier passive skills to enhance your pals’ efficiency and productivity in your base:

Passive Skill Tier Name Effect
3 Artisan Work Speed +50%
1 Work Slave Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%
2 Serious Work Speed +20%
3 Lucky Attack +15%, Work Speed +15%
3 Workaholic SAN drops +15% slower
1 Positive Thinker SAN drops +10% slower
Note: ‘Lucky’ is exclusive and guaranteed to roll on the “Shiny” (aka Lucky) Pals.

Alongside the above perks, which primarily focus on increasing your pal’s overall Work Speed and sanity preservation, passive skills that boost Movement Speed are equally invaluable for your base pals! Look for Swift or Runner, which increase your pal’s movement speed by 30% and 20%, respectively, making them more agile and efficient in transitioning between tasks within your base.

By strategically using the game’s breeding system to your advantage, you can pass down multiple mentioned passives from two parents onto one child. Since each bonus can stack, you can create some really bizarre combos to boost your pals’ productivity manifold! Check out Kealmir‘s video below to get a glimpse of what you could achieve:

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That wraps up everything you need to know about the best passive skills for base work pals in Palworld. With these skills at your disposal, your base will thrive like never before, thanks to the hard work and dedication of your pals! Stay tuned to Gamer Haul for all things Palworld!

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