Modern Warfare 3: Best DG-58 LSW Loadout & Class Setup

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DG58 LMG Build MW3 – The DG-58, a 3-round burst firing AR, might be flying under your radar in Modern Warfare 3, but don’t let that fool you. This powerhouse dominates at mid to long-range, and if you’ve completed the Campaign, there’s already a blueprint waiting for you in your armory.

In this guide, let’s delve into the best loadout and class setup for the DG 58 LSW in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to elevate your killstreak game!

Best DG-58 LSW Loadout in MW3

The DG-58 has the potential to one-burst opponents across all ranges, provided you’re accurate with your shots. However, we can optimize it further to enhance consistency and ease of use. The primary goal of this loadout is to make the recoil more controllable while improving its mobility and handling.

Here are the best attachments to equip your DG 58 LMG with in Modern Warfare 3:

Attachment Choice Reason
Muzzle Shadowstrike Suppressor Makes your shots undetectable by enemy radar, allowing you to be sneaky and catch opponents off guard.
Barrel CDG T-25 Light Barrel Greatly increases Bullet Velocity and Range, ensuring more consistent one-burst kills. Also improves Aim Walking Steadiness, Aim Walking Speed, and Movement Speed for enhanced mobility.
Underbarrel Edge-47 Grip Assists in recoil control with a minimal impact on ADS speed.
Optic Slate Reflector An excellent choice over the less-than-ideal iron sights of the DG-58, providing a clean optic for precise aiming at longer ranges.
Comb FSS Last Stand Boosts Sprint to Fire and ADS speed, allowing you to ready and aim the gun much faster after a sprint.

Best DG-58 LSW Class Setup in MW3

Best gear and equipment for DG 58 class setup in Modern warfare 3

Complement your DG-58 MW3 loadout with the best gear and equipment:

Equipment Choice Reason
Secondary Renetti / WSP Stinger Both are solid choices, but the fully upgraded Renetti with the aftermarket part takes the lead.
Vest Engineer Vest Allows you to carry an extra Gear and two Tacticals, providing more versatility.
Tactical Battle Rage (x2) Enables quicker health regeneration and constant Tactical Sprint refreshes when activated, aiding in escaping sticky situations.
Field Equipment A.C.S. Deploy it on capturable objectives like hardpoint zones and control points to capture them without entering the zone yourself.
Gloves Scavenger Gloves Allows you to replenish ammo from downed opponents, ensuring a constant supply of ammunition without relying on Munitions Boxes.
Boots Lightweight Boots Increases movement speed – plain, simple, and ever-effective!
Gear #1 EOD Padding Personal preference – EOD Padding lets you shrug off damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. You can swap this for the Ghost T/V Camo once you unlock it!
Gear #2 Bone Conduction Headset Reduces combat noise and enhances your ability to detect enemy footsteps and gunshots, providing a game-changing advantage.

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