Modern Warfare 3: Best Pulemyot 762 Loadout & Class Setup

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Best Pulemyot LMG Loadout Guide in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Pulemyot LMG Loadout MW3 – The Pulemyot 762 is a highly versatile Light Machine Gun (LMG) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that packs a punch and has been gaining popularity in the community. Despite its size, which may give you the impression that it’s too sluggish for a fast-paced game like MW3 Multiplayer, the reality is quite the opposite.

With the right attachments and gear, you can add a dash of mobility to this weapon, making it competitive in terms of handling and speed. In this guide, let’s explore the best Pulemyot 762 loadout and the optimal class setup to complement it in COD: Modern Warfare 3.

Best Pulemyot 762 Loadout in COD: MW3

Pulemyot LMG Bullpup Conversion Kit Aftermarket Part Showcase in COD: MW3

Our aim with this LMG loadout is to address the usual drawbacks of LMGs, making the Pulemyot more mobile without sacrificing its raw power. The key is the aftermarket part and unique attachments it unlocks. Here are the top attachments to optimize your Pulemyot for enhanced mobility and strength:

Attachment Choice Reason
Aftermarket Part Bullpup Conversion Kit This kit significantly boosts mobility, allowing for a more aggressive playstyle. With this, the Pulemyot feels closer to an Assault Rifle, all while retaining its large magazine and powerful firepower.
Muzzle Purifier Muzzle Helps reduce horizontal recoil and increases aiming stability during sustained fire.
Underbarrel Bruen Heavy Support Grip Improves overall stability and makes recoil more manageable.
Optic MK.23 Reflector Optic choice is a matter of personal preference. The MK.23 Reflector offers a clean and versatile option.
Stock Rubber Recoil Pad Enhances mobility and handling while decreasing hipfire spread, making the Pulemyot handle like an Assault Rifle.

Note: The Pulemyot 762B Bullpup Conversion Kit is unlocked by reaching the maximum level (27) for the LMG.

Best Pulemyot 762 Class Setup in COD: MW3

Here’s the perfect class setup to go with the best Pulemyot loadout in MW3:

Equipment Choice Reason
Secondary Renetti A reliable secondary weapon for backup.
Vest Engineer Removes lethal equipment in exchange for two gear slots and two tactical equipment slots. Allows spotting enemy equipment through walls.
Tactical Battle Rage Provides a burst of speed, fast health regeneration, and resistance to enemy tactical equipment for a temporary edge in battle.
Field Equipment Munitions Box With an LMG, it’s essential to ensure you never run out of ammo during firefights.
Gloves Scavenger Gloves Allows constant ammo replenishment from downed enemies, ensuring you stay well-armed.
Boots Stalker Boots Increases strafing and ADS movement speed with the Pulemyot, further enabling an aggressive playstyle.
Gear #1 Bone Conduction Headset Enhances your ability to identify enemy footsteps and gunshots, providing a game-changing advantage.
Gear #2 EOD Padding Reduces damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.

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