Modern Warfare 3: Best Rival 9 Loadout & Class Setup

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Best Rival 9 SMG Loadout Guide in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Rival 9 SMG Loadout MW3 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 boasts a variety of classes, and with endless ways to customize each weapon, there’s something for everyone. The Rival 9 is one of the best SMGs available that has quickly emerged as one of the top guns of the Multiplayer meta very fast, right next to the Striker and AMR9.

In this guide, I’ll lay out the best Rival 9 loadout and the optimal class setup to complement it in COD: Modern Warfare 3.

Best Rival 9 Loadout in COD: MW3

Screenshot of Rival 9 Best Loadout in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

While I’ve previously covered two fast and aggressive ‘up-in-your-face’ loadouts for the Striker and the AMR9, this Rival 9 loadout takes a different approach. With this attachment setup, our aim is to transform the Rival 9 into an easily manageable, nearly recoil-free laser while equipping it with a larger magazine to counter Modern Warfare 3’s higher time to kill (TTK).

Here are my personal recommendations for the best Rival 9 attachments in Modern Warfare 3:

MuzzlePurifier Muzzle BrakeSignificantly reduces horizontal recoil, making the SMG much easier to control when firing in rapid succession.
BarrelRival-C ClearshotEnhances weapon stability while aiming down sights and firing, further aiding in recoil control.
StockMTZ Marauder StockProvides more control over gun kick and enhances firing aim stability.
Magazine40 Round MagGiven the Rival 9’s rapid fire rate and MW3’s longer time to kill, a larger magazine is a lifesaver in chaotic situations.
Rear GripRival Vice Assault GripOptimizes recoil further, making the SMG practically recoilless and easy to control during full-auto fire.

Best Rival 9 Class Setup in COD: MW3

Call of Duty MWIII Class Screenshot

Here’s the perfect class setup to complement the best Rival 9 loadout in Modern Warfare 3:

SecondaryRenettiA reliable backup option. Highly recommended to level it up to unlock and equip the Jak Ferocity Carbine conversion kit.
VestInfantry VestEnhances Tac Spring duration and reduces refresh time, enabling an aggressive playstyle and compensating for lost mobility due to our loadout.
TacticalFlash GrenadeA simple and effective way to secure those occasional free kills.
LethalBreacher DroneAn efficient tool for swiftly clearing rooms or dealing with campers.
Field EquipmentA.C.SDeploy on capturable objectives like hardpoint zones for remote capture without being physically present.
GlovesCommando GlovesAllows reloading while sprinting, ensuring you can keep moving at all times.
BootsCovert SneakersMW3’s Dead Silence – completely silences your footsteps from enemies, enabling stealthy plays.
Gear #1Bone Conduction HeadsetReduces combat noise and enhances your ability to detect enemy footsteps and gunshots, providing a game-changing advantage.

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