Black Marketeer Location in Palworld


Close-up image of the Black Marketeer, a secret and rare merchant NPC found in Palworld.

Welcome to Palworld, a world filled with chaos, unique creatures, and, of course, merchants dealing in the rarest Pokemon-inspired Pals. Among them is the Black Marketeer, a secret NPC ready to trade in Pals, “whether stolen or prohibited.” In this guide, I’ll help you track down the Black Marketeer and snag some of the most coveted Pals in Palworld!

Palworld: Where to Find the Black Market Merchant

There are multiple spots where the Black Marketeer can be found, and here are the two key locations I’ve seen him at so far:

1st Black Marketeer Location

First location where the Black Marketeer is found - marked in the Palworld map.

The first location is relatively closer to the default spawn location, i.e., the “Plateau of Beginnings” waypoint. Follow the path northwest from the spawn point until you reach the “Desolate Church” fast-travel location in the mountain area. You’ll find the first Black Marketeer directly to the west of this point of interest—inside an abandoned mineshaft.

2nd Black Marketeer Location

Second location where the Black Marketeer is found - marked in the Palworld map.

The second Black Marketeer sets up shop on the northeasternmost island known as the “Eastern Wild Island.” You’ll find him inside a cave in the central part of this island, to the west of the main fast-travel point.

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Refer to the maps above to get a clear idea of these two locations. And now that you know where to find the Black Marketeer in Palworld – happy hunting and trading!

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