How to Cure Sick Pals in Palworld


Curing a Sick Pal in Palworld

Catching Pals with your Palsphere and “convincing” them to contribute to your base’s progress is at the core of the gameplay loop in Palworld. However, just like any hardworking crew, they might catch a cold now and then, slowing down their efficiency and affecting your overall production.

Here’s how to cure ‘sick’ pals who have caught a cold in Palworld!

Palworld: How to Heal ‘Sick’ Pals

Screenshot of the "Low Grade Medical Supplies," the cure for sick pals in Palworld.

To cure the Sick Pal status ailment in Palworld, you’ll need to use the ‘Low Grade Medical Supplies’ item on them. You can obtain this wondrous medicine by crafting it yourself, finding it in the world, or purchasing it for Gold.

To craft Low Grade Medical Supplies, you must first have a ‘Medieval Medicine Workbench,’ a workstation unlockable from the ‘Technology’ tab once you reach Level 12. Crafting 1x Low Grade Medical Supplies requires 5x Red Berries and 2x Horns.

Defeating human enemies like Syndicate members or those raiding your base can also yield Low Grade Medical Supplies as drops. Specific pals, such as Vaelet and Flopie, have an increased (almost guaranteed) chance of dropping medicines when caught or defeated. Refer to your Paldeck to learn more about each Pal’s potential drops!

The final option is to purchase Low Grade Medical Supplies from Wandering Merchants at the cost of 240 Gold. However, I don’t recommend spending gold on this item unless you’ve discovered a gold mine, as the ingredients are readily available in the world!

Once you have the item in question:

  • Approach the unwell Pal in your base.
  • Press the ‘Command Pal’ key (for Keyboard users, it’s ‘4’).
  • Select the ‘Feed Pal’ option from the menu.
  • Pick the medicine from your inventory.
  • Selecting the 'Feed' option in the Command Pal menu in Palworld.
  • Using a medicine on a sick pal to heal them in Palworld.

Voila! Your Pal is now back on its feet, ready to work at its best once more.

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And that’s a wrap! You’re now equipped with the knowledge to nurse your pals back to peak performance in Palworld. Stay tuned to Gamer Haul for all things Palworld!

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