D2: How To Get Phyllotactic Spiral – God Roll for PvP and PvE

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Phyllotactic Spiral God Roll D2 The Phyllotactic Spiral is the newest 340 RPM craftable Pulse Rifle added to Destiny 2 with Lightfall, exclusive to the new Neomuna destination. It is an Energy weapon that deals Arc damage and packs a serious punch with the right set of perks!

In this god roll guide, we’ll review the best perk combinations for the Phyllotactic Spiral (PvE & PvP) and how to unlock its pattern to craft one with your personal god roll perks in Destiny 2!

In-Game Screenshot of a Level One Phyllotactic Spiral Destiny 2 Pulse Rifle

Phyllotactic Spiral – PvP God Roll (Crucible, Trials of Osiris)

Below are my personal recommendations for the PvP God Roll perks on the Pulse Rifle:

Barrel:Hammer-Forged Rifling+10 Range.
Magazine:Ricochet Rounds+5 Range and +10 Stability.
Trait #1:Keep Away (Enhanced)Keep away grants increased range, reload speed, and accuracy when no enemies are within a 15-meter radius. Since you’ll be looking to duel at medium to long range with the Pulse Rifle, this essentially means that you have all the benefits of the perk always active. Remember: consistency is key in the Crucible!
Trait #2:Headseeker (Enhanced)Headseeker is the choice here over Kill Clip because, again, it is more consistent! One body shot with the rifle will increase its precision damage and thus guarantee a two-burst kill (on <T7 Resilience guardians) as long as your aim is on-point.
Masterwork:Range+10 Range.
Mod:Counterbalance StockHelps make the Recoil more predictable.

The Phyllotactic Spiral is one of the best high-impact frame (high-damage, slow-firing) Pulse Rifles in PvP right now, and what’s more? It’s craftable! The above perks allow it to reach nearly maximum Range (with Keep Away active) and kick up its Stability to ~60 – two highly desirable stats for any Pulse Rifle for the Crucible.

Phyllotactic Spiral – PvE God Roll (Nightfall, Raids, Dungeons)

Below are my personal recommendations for the PvE God Roll perks on the Pulse Rifle:

Barrel:Arrowhead BrakeIncreases Handling and eliminates Recoil.
Magazine:Flared Magwell+15 Reload Speed, +5 Stability.
Trait #1:Keep AwayKeep Away is the most effective perk in the third column in both PvP and PvP, as it consistently grants increased range, reload speed, and accuracy. It is also straightforward to proc in PvE!
Trait #2:VoltshotVoltshot is the way to go for any Arc weapons that can roll it because of its sheer ad-clearing potential. Reload after a final blow, and you’ll have the next shot jolting a group of enemies in a vast radius. Also useful for stunning Overload Champions!
Masterwork:Reload Speed+10 Reload Speed.
Mod:Major SpecThe weapon already deals good damage against weaker enemies, so Major spec is the way to go here.

If you enjoy using Pulse Rifles in PvE, the Phyllotactic Spiral is a fantastic option as it not only deals impressive damage but also provides useful utility. With the ‘Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle’ mod equipped from the Seasonal Artifact, you’ll be able to take care of three different types of enemies with a single weapon: ads, Overload Champions, and Barrier Champions. And because you’ll need to reload after each kill to activate Voltshot, I recommend focusing on building for Reload Speed to make the most of this awesome weapon in PvE.

How to Get & Craft Phyllotactic Spiral in Destiny 2

Phyllotactic Spiral in Patterns and Catalysts Menu in Destiny 2

The Phyllotactic Spiral is a Neomuna-exclusive Pulse Rifle. So technically, you have a slight chance of acquiring its Deepsight Resonant (or red border) version by completing any activity in the newest destination. You’ll need five such red borders to complete the Deepsight Resonance extraction and unlock it for crafting at The Enclave in Savathun’s Throne World.

The most efficient way to farm red-border Neomuna weapons, including the Phyllotactic Spiral, is by completing Heroic Patrols. These have the highest chances of rewarding you with a Deepsight Resonant gun compared to other activities in the destination, and here’s how you can farm it:

  • First, select Neptune from the Destinations tab and load into the ‘Terminal Overload’ public event.
  • After spawning, press the ‘Deploy Ghost’ button (TAB on the keyboard) and look for the Gold Patrol icon in the area. If you find one, travel to the waypoint, start the patrol, and complete it.
  • If you don’t see a Heroic Patrol in that instance, go into your Map and select the Terminal Overload event again to load into a different instance.

I’ve successfully crafted my Phyllotactic Spiral by following the above steps, and I’m currently grinding it out in the Iron Banner to level it up to Level 17!

Crafting Screen of Phyllotactic Spiral in Destiny 2

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That is everything you need to know about how to get the Phyllotactic Spiral in Destiny 2 and its god-roll perks. Leave a comment if this guide helped, and stay tuned to Gamer Haul for more!

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