Destiny 2: How to Get Witherhoard Catalyst

Destiny 2

Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Witherhoard is an Exotic Kinetic (Primary) Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2 and is the best of its kind. Introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion, it’s currently one of the most versatile weapons in the game and a permanent staple for many veteran Guardians’ inventories in most PvE activities and select PvP modes like Control. This Gamer Haul guide will show you how to obtain the powerful grenade launcher and unlock its Catalyst.

How to Get the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher

If you don’t have the Witherhoard yet and have an Exotic Cipher to spare, you can easily acquire the weapon from the Shadowkeep section in the ‘Exotic Archive: Monument to Lost Lights’ at the Tower. There is currently no other way to unlock it, and you have to trust me when I tell you that it will be the best use of your valuable resources to buy it ASAP. It doesn’t top our list of ‘Top 5 Weapons to Use Your Exotic Cipher On’ for no reason!

Location of Exotic Archive and Witherhoard Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

If you currently don’t have an Exotic Cipher in your inventory, you can get one by:

  1. Reaching Level 55 of the Season Pass and claiming the free reward.
  2. Acquiring and completing the ‘Xenology’ quest from Xur. Xur is the in-game vendor who appears at one of three locations every weekend: Hangar at the Tower, Winding Cove on EDZ, and Tree on Watcher’s Grave at Nessus. At the time of writing, he can be found at Winding Cove.

How to Get Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Witherhoard is a formidable weapon that already packs a powerful punch as it is, both in PvE and PvP. But that doesn’t have to mean that it can’t do better! The Witherhoard Catalyst adds the ‘Silent Alarm’ perk to the grenade launcher, which provides a straight +40 bump to its Handling stat and automatically reloads the weapon while holstered. While it may not seem like much, this offers a substantial buff to the Witherhoard’s DPS potential and makes your life much easier. 

We recommend that you begin working on unlocking the Catalyst as soon as you have the weapon because it is not an easy task! Here’s everything you’ll need to do to unlock the Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2:

STEP 1: Acquire ‘The Bank Job’ Quest from Banshee-44

After acquiring the Witherhoard from the Monument to Lost Lights at the Tower and while having it equipped, visit Banshee-44 to receive the ‘The Bank Job’ Exotic quest.

Step 1 of 4 of The Bank Job Exotic Quest for Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2

STEP 2: Acquire Vault Keys

After you’ve acquired the quest and spoken with Banshee at the Tower, the next step is to acquire vault keys by defeating combatants with any grenade launcher. Head to any activity or region with many enemies (e.g., Lost Sectors on any planet) and go ham with your Witherhoard!

Step 2 of 4 of The Bank Job Exotic Quest for Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2

STEP 3: Filthy Lucre, GL Multikills, and GL Guardian Eliminations

This is the most challenging step in the quest and takes the most time to complete. To complete this step, you will need to:

  • Earn 300 Filthy Lucre by completing Strikes and Nightfalls in the Vanguard playlists or by winning Crucible and Gambit matches. I suggest going with the PvE option!
  • Get 200 grenade launcher multikills. Just carry the Witherhoard and use it to eliminate combatants in the Strikes and Nightfalls you will be playing to get the Filthy Lucre.
  • Get 100 grenade launcher Guardian kills. This step will be the most painful to complete since you can only progress it in the PvP modes – Gambit and Crucible.
    • PRO TIP: Shoot your target with a Hand Cannon or Scout Rifle first and finish the kill with a Witherhoard shot to the ground.
Step 3 of 4 of The Bank Job Exotic Quest for Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2

STEP 4: Talk to Banshee-44

Once you have completed the previous quest step, all that is left is to visit Banshee-44 and claim your well-deserved reward, the Witherhoard Catalyst.

Approaching Banshee-44 to Acquire Witherhoard Catalyst at Tower in Destiny 2

And that covers everything you need to know and all the steps you need to follow to get the life-changing Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2. Follow Gamer Haul for more such guides, the latest gaming news, and more!

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