New Character Required Every Diablo 4 Season, Blizzard Confirms


Diablo 4 Characters

Confusion has arisen among newcomers to the Diablo series regarding the seasonal Battle Passes. General Manager Rod Fergusson recently addressed this topic in response to a tweet by Paul Tassi, clarifying that players will indeed need to create an entirely new character to participate in the seasonal questline and level up the battle pass.

While the Battle Pass is a new addition to Diablo 4, veterans of the game might find it familiar as “Seasons” were also a feature in Diablo 3. However, for those new to the series, the idea of starting from scratch to experience the seasonal content has come as a big surprise, leading to disbelief and confusion expressed on Twitter.

The response to Fergusson’s comments has created a noticeable divide between veterans and newer players. Many veterans argue that “this is how seasons have always worked” and that this mechanic is “what keeps the game engaging.” One user passionately states, “How stupid would it be to keep all your character levels? People would be bored so fast they would quit after a week.”

Diablo 4 Barbarian Character or Class

However, Fergusson’s comments have received more negative responses than positive ones. Some users point out, “This is not going to resonate well with a lot of the more casual players. You’re turning off a large percentage of the player base.” Another user adds, “There is no way this is going to fly with most of the player base.”

Interestingly, even veteran players seem to agree on one thing: the Battle Pass should not be tied to seasonal characters. If the requirement to create new characters per season persists, they strongly believe that the EXP gain for seasonal characters should be significantly boosted.

In any case, it is clear that Blizzard has some explaining to do to their already large player base, considering the game has only been out for just over two weeks. The developers must effectively communicate the details to the players before the debut season arrives. And as with any controversial decision in the video game industry, it remains to be seen if they will make any changes based on player feedback!

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