Modern Warfare 3: How to Disarm the Bomb in Trojan Horse

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Bomb in Modern Warfare 3 Trojan Horse Campaign Mission

Disarm Bomb MW3 – The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign is finally here, and it features some immersive storytelling and challenging missions to conquer. As you venture through the rebooted narrative of the beloved Modern Warfare series, you’ll find yourself facing intense challenges, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulties.

In the final mission of this story mode, ‘Trojan Horse,’ you step into the shoes of Captain Price, tasked with disarming a ticking bomb hidden within the London Underground system. It’s a high-pressure, two-person operation, and you must follow the instructions of Sergeant Soap and provide him with the necessary information using a probe camera.

The clock is ticking, and you need to act swiftly to save the day!

COD MW3: How to Defuse Makarov’s Bomb

Using Snake Cam on Makarov's Bomb in Trojan Horse Mission of COD MW3

As Soap gets to work on disarming the bomb, he’ll request you to inspect the second bomb using a “snake cam.” Here’s what you need to know for each step:

Q1: What is the manufacturer logo on the large circuit board?

  • Answer: A Bear.
    • Initially, the logo isn’t in your line of sight. You’ll need to move the camera to the extreme top right of the circuit board to spot the logo. It’s easy to overlook, and I confess it took me a bit to figure this out. Make sure to move your mouse or analog stick firmly to access the part of the board with the logo.
Bomb Manufacturer Logo in Trojan Horse (COD MW3)

Q2: What is the third number on the blasting cap attached to the C4?

  • Answer: Nine.
    • The serial number tag is upside down, which can be quite misleading under the pressure of the situation. It might look like a six, but it’s actually a nine when viewed correctly.
Serial Number on the Blasting Cap of the C4 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Cutting the Red Wire on the Count of Three

Cutting the Red Wire on the Count of Three in Trojan Horse Mission of Call of Duty: MW3

The final step to successfully disarm the bomb in ‘Trojan Horse’ is to cut the red wire precisely on the count of three. Press E (or Square/X on Console) as soon as Captain Price says the word, “Three!” If you time it right, you’ll have successfully defused the bomb and prevented a catastrophe, saving countless lives.

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